Group Workout and Missing Cadence

Just did my first group Workout with my cycling friend.


Only thing missing and neither one of us could find it anywhere… why does Cadence not show up?

We were doing Cadence Drills and I had to keep asking him for his numbers.

Would be nice to see the others persons cadence too!

Your own cadence is at the end of the data line:

There is no display of the other room members cadence, but I tagged this for a Feature Request.

Thats exactly what I meant… could not see His and he could not see mine, so knowing that’s now Feature Request… Double Woot!

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Cool, thanks for the clarification.

I will tag @Bryce to be sure he sees this request.

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We have chosen not to include your groupmate’s cadence data in the Group Workouts for the time being.

The reasoning behind this is that we want to keep riders from getting overloaded with data that is not strictly relevant to the workout. In most cases, a rider’s cadence is not indicative of how hard they are working and it also remains relatively constant throughout the ride. The more riders are added to a group, the more numbers begin flashing across the screen, and we feel that cadence can often serve as a distraction that further complicates the display without adding a lot of context.

In the case of cadence drills though, cadence is a central part of the workout, so I totally see where you are coming from. If Group Workout cadence support becomes a highly supported feature request, we may revisit in the future.

Thanks for taking the time to share your feature request :+1:.


I understand your rationale but it would be great to see this as an optional setting - particularly when being coached (encouraged by my partner.!). When the going gets tough, ones cadence often slows right down and if your groupmate can see that (it’s not often obvious to them), they’d then be able to encourage you to lift it.

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