Display Target Cadence on Workout Screen (Feature Request)


Really enjoy TrainerRoad.

Since I watch Netflix while I am doing my tr trainings I sometimes miss the advice displayed on the app.

Is it possible to show a target cadence on the screen? Similar to target power.

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They tried to do that at one point and said that it was maddening. Trying to get a the numbers right at the same time is basically impossible.

With a dumb trainer i find power numbers jump around too much - so volatile and take longer than 5s to settle. Aiming for and seeing a cadence is much more stable

I would like this too! The point is not to get the numbers right, the point it to know what cadence they recommend, ie., should I be around 70 or aim for 95? Absolutely no need to match it and you can ignore it if you want. Zwift has this nicely implemented, and I do miss it in TR.

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+1 to this feature request

I find reading the written prompts to be distracting so I turn them off.

But I would still like TR to recommend a target cadence.

I’m not asking for a color coded bar like with power, but if we could just see the target cadence number on the screen somewhere that would be awesome.

Each cyclist has his/her own optimal cadence, so specific cadence recommendations would likely serve as an unneccessary complication. For example, my comfortable cadence may be 100 rpm, while yours may be 90 rpm. If I was “forced” to ride at your cadence, or you at mine, then we would both struggle more than we had to.

In certain cadence-drill oriented workouts, we do recommend power targets to shoot for, but these are a minority of our workouts. In most cases, the recommended cadence is simply what is most comfortable to you.

In the event that you are doing a cadence oriented workout, and you do not like workout text, you can likely determine the requirements of the drill by reading the Workout Description before starting the workout :+1: .


Each cyclist has his/her own optimal cadence

In theory yes but in practice I still haven’t found my optimal cadence. It’s nice to iterate over ranges, and having it be part of the workout is one less thing I have to think about - so that’s where I’m coming from. If you are professional / competitive cyclist you probably don’t have this issue.

In certain cadence-drill oriented workouts

If cadence is a core metric of the workout, I think it should be on the screen, and not hidden in instructional text that only displays for a few seconds during the workout. Make it easy for me.