Display Target Cadence on Workout Screen (Feature Request)


Really enjoy TrainerRoad.

Since I watch Netflix while I am doing my tr trainings I sometimes miss the advice displayed on the app.

Is it possible to show a target cadence on the screen? Similar to target power.

Kind regards.


They tried to do that at one point and said that it was maddening. Trying to get a the numbers right at the same time is basically impossible.

With a dumb trainer i find power numbers jump around too much - so volatile and take longer than 5s to settle. Aiming for and seeing a cadence is much more stable

I would like this too! The point is not to get the numbers right, the point it to know what cadence they recommend, ie., should I be around 70 or aim for 95? Absolutely no need to match it and you can ignore it if you want. Zwift has this nicely implemented, and I do miss it in TR.

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+1 to this feature request

I find reading the written prompts to be distracting so I turn them off.

But I would still like TR to recommend a target cadence.

I’m not asking for a color coded bar like with power, but if we could just see the target cadence number on the screen somewhere that would be awesome.

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Each cyclist has his/her own optimal cadence, so specific cadence recommendations would likely serve as an unneccessary complication. For example, my comfortable cadence may be 100 rpm, while yours may be 90 rpm. If I was “forced” to ride at your cadence, or you at mine, then we would both struggle more than we had to.

In certain cadence-drill oriented workouts, we do recommend power targets to shoot for, but these are a minority of our workouts. In most cases, the recommended cadence is simply what is most comfortable to you.

In the event that you are doing a cadence oriented workout, and you do not like workout text, you can likely determine the requirements of the drill by reading the Workout Description before starting the workout :+1: .


Each cyclist has his/her own optimal cadence

In theory yes but in practice I still haven’t found my optimal cadence. It’s nice to iterate over ranges, and having it be part of the workout is one less thing I have to think about - so that’s where I’m coming from. If you are professional / competitive cyclist you probably don’t have this issue.

In certain cadence-drill oriented workouts

If cadence is a core metric of the workout, I think it should be on the screen, and not hidden in instructional text that only displays for a few seconds during the workout. Make it easy for me.


+1 for adding target cadence to workout screen

The two key training metrics are power and cadence (without one or the other you sit on a stationary bike, so cadence is pretty important!).

So how can it be justifiable to show just one of the key target metrics on screen and not the other?

Yes, I know we all have optimal or preferred cadence making it difficult to adopt a single figure target cadence for any given workout across the population, but TR manage to do this for power - we all have different FTPs!

Its just too easy to miss in the instructional text!

So why not record each person’s target/preferred/optimal cadence as a rider standing data (like weight) and then display in each workout as e.g. +5, or do the math and show that?

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FTP is individual, and highly variable over time. There is testing in the process to determine and apply it via the workouts to hit desired training power zones.

Cadence is not fixed, but far more consistent over time. It can be linked to power zones to some degree (higher power often leads to higher cadence, but that is far from concrete). So, if you know that cadence is highly individual, and more importantly, that you know what your individual cadence range preference, isn’t that enough?

Do you actually need a reminder from TR to pedal at what you have determined is your desired cadence/range?

Seems you have one basic number to remember if you want to watch it at all. And if it is your desired cadence (self-selected in particular), do you really need to watch it that closely?


No, I don’t need to be reminded of my preferred cadence. What I would find useful is a reminder of when and to what extent I should be pedalling above or below my preferred cadence.

4 of the last 5 workouts I have done in SSBLV1 have all involved cadence intervals of one sort of another, e.g Baxter +/- 20rpm, Goddard & Ericsson cadence spin-ups, Carson hill-climbing drills. This is my 4th time around & I still sometimes lose focus on what cadence I should be aiming for on certain intervals. I like to think it’s even harder for first-timers!



Would be very helpful if the cadence target set by my coach was on screen.

I don’t really get why it has to be impossible to get those numbers right? It doesn’t have to be a dynamic number like power. And just like your power target, it only has to change when you go to a next step in your workout.

Also the argument that each cyclist has her/his own optimal cadance doesn’t really work for me. Each cyclist also has her/his optimal power… If I am “forced” to ride on your power level, or you at mine, you also get something you don’t want.

In most workouts where people won’t be interested in cadence, the field can be empty and no number can be presented. However, when cadence is of the essence during a workout e.g. during low cadence workouts, why not show it?

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New to home training (did one month on Zwift, 1 month on suffer fest, and starting now on trainer road (first training today)
I was kind of disoriented by the fact no cadence is imposed (I read the recommendation when I started, but as I thought it would be displayed I did not pay attention and then I forgot…)
In Zwift and even more in Suffer Fest the cadence is fully part of the training (for example the program sometimes asks you to keep the same power target but to pedal at different speed)
No idea what is more efficient, but a display of the recommendation would be nice.

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Hi take a look at Zwift it’s a simple implementation and it is really useful for strength workouts where cadence is important. You get an alert if you drift off the cadence target. You can of course just memorise the session.

Thanks for the bump on this request! To speak more to our process for vetting feature requests, while implementation may seem simple, we try to focus on building features that will be the most effective at helping the greatest number of athletes get faster immediately (Adaptive Training, TrainNow, etc.). I hope that makes sense, even if it seems like a ‘softball’, our developers are putting their energy into big releases at the moment. Nonetheless, I’ll bump this to the team for consideration!

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Thanks totally understand that the big features are the differentiators and those mentioned below are great! Hopefully this small one gets in as it’s something that the competing platforms have. I really use it for strength workouts with low cadence targets. Will also be useful for those that want to focus on their cadence in other types of workouts. Only relevant when a cadence target is set in a workout. I currently push my workout plans in from TrainingPeaks.

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