Group Workout Suggestion

I love the group ride idea.

Really hope that in the future group workouts expand to accommodate larger groups. I would be very cool to ride with the folks from Trainer Road sometime.

I know trying to fit the video for a large group could be challenging.

One suggestion would be to maybe have a chart which graphed performance for each person in the class, but randomized the ID in the chart, so you could see how you’re doing without feeling a certain way if you’re towards the top or the bottom. The person coaching the ride could still coach via audio or video.

We did a similar thing with indoor training group this winter. The bikes were all connected to a screen at the front of the room. Each bike in the class had a number, but only the person riding the bike knew which number was theirs on the screen because it was provided on the set-up screen on the spin-bike and not to the rest of the class.

It was sort of fun, find someone who had a similar W/KG to you and make sure you kept up with their numbers or extra motivation when you fell off the top 15 in the class.

They even did an event where it the app split the class in half, randomly assigning riders to two teams, and then did 30 second sprint contests where the team with the higher watts won (the app totaled the numbers, individual stats were not shown.)

Another suggestion that came up in conversation during yesterdays group ride was the ability to enter and display your first name (if you like). Just makes the conversation easier if you know the names of the people you are with. Sometimes our user names can be quite mystical…


On the Roadmap :+1:. We are working with a new service that will allow for more channels of audio/video to run simultaneously.

We tested a version where you only saw other rider’s data, and we found it to be much less motivating than the versions with included live video streams. We plan to stick with the audio/video feeds at the moment.

This is a great point, and something that I have passed onto the team for consideration.

Thanks so much for sharing your feedback @bjcrawf @RydeRuff12!


Awesome. Thanks Bryce.

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I have not even tried the current group workout stuff as it is for such a small limited group that it is almost useless IMHO. What I think would be immensely useful is the ability for a trainer to provide a URL that you can connect TR to and then it would download the workout and stay in time sync with the leader. We currently use Zoom and follow an on-screen TR workout by trying to match the power level but having my local TR & trainer drive it would be far superior. FWIW, this is with groups of 30-ish or so riders.

We will not have the ability to invite 30 riders in the near future, however, we are working on an update that will allow you to have 11 total riders in each Group Workout :+1:.

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