Group Ramp Test Livestream Round 4 - Tuesday July 7, 1PM Pacific

Here we go again! Round 4 of the Group Ramp Test tomorrow, July 7 at 1PM Pacific on our YouTube channel. Subscribe and set a reminder on the video below.

Nate will be back from his broken collarbone and Amber will take another shot at breaking the Ramp Test (She lasted 22 minutes last round).

In case you missed the previous rounds, you can watch them here: Round 1, Round 2, Round 3.


It’s on now.

Different link apparently.


Any idea when the version with all audio will be available @Tucker @Bryce

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Sorry, y’all – I made a mistake and the audio isn’t salvageable. :frowning:

I have a list of things to improve, and the stream will be better next time.


All good. Hopefully we get a deep and thorough break down on this week’s AACC, preferably including a suitable amount of Cape Epic **** talk.

@jonathan, you’ve mentioned a couple of times on the podcast about how podcast day is stressful, to the point where you’ve rearranged your workout schedule to have an easier workout on Thursdays. It also seemed like you were messing with the audio at the beginning of the most recent ramp test, which may have added stress and RPE. Is it possible to have someone else (like Producer @Tucker) host the Group Ramp Test without participating, blank their video, but handle the rest of the audio / video / streaming setup so you can participate in the test without the additional stress? Just a thought.

It was also cool when @Nate_Pearson was there to commentate when everyone entered the Hurt Locker.

I don’t know who they could get, but it would be cool to have someone commentating that knows the riders. I thought Sofia Gomez Villafane might be ideal being part of the Cape Epic thing, but I have absolutely zero idea if she’d be the kind of personality to enjoy being on the spot like that…?

Thank you for the feedback!

We are actually in the process of getting this very setup going so I can be the designated producer for our live streams going forward. That way I can focus on producing quality content, and @Jonathan can make sure he gets everything out for a good test. :wink:

Stay tuned for the next round! It’s going to be a good one.

I’m glad to hear you are digging the commentary! I will pass along your feedback to the team, and we will see what we can do. :+1: