Green Bananas, seriously?

I was listening to the podcast the other day and heard that Jonathan and a few others only eat green bananas. To me that is just plain bananas, green bananas are unripe. Yellow ones are tasty, some spotting is fine. Yellow to black, freeze them and its perfect for a recovery shake. Do share your thoughts on bananas


I usually use green/light green/yellow bananas for recovery/breakfast shakes. Hate eating green ones, but they are good for my slightly sensetive stomach :slight_smile:

I’m a council estate kid so unless they walked out of the fruit bowl themself they got eaten.


Agree, green bananas - no no no.

I have heard some say, that ripe bananas should be more healthy, but i believe this was a myth that claimed that very ripe bananas made TNF which should help against cancer, but i dont think this study was very well taken.

But some claim that when they are more ripe, the sugars are more profound and that makes sense.

I would always go for organic bananas tho!

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I just go with whatever we have!

fwiw I understand that more starch has turned to sugars in Brown Banana’s, hence if you look at any banana bread recipe they normally say “overripe” bananas.

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Probably due to Resistant Starch.

Unripe Bananas don’t even taste like Bananas. What’s even the point then :scream:


I always thought that green bananas broke down in your system too slowly :thinking:

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I just loathe bananas all round I’m afraid. I really wished I like them but despite trying I can’t stand the taste or texture!


I dont like them once they have a few brown spots, so i lean towards green.

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Yellow an freckly is optimal! Brown bananas are for banana bread. Green bananas are NOT RIPE YET. :smile:


Same here, I was flabbergasted by the mere suggestion someone would eat green bananas by choice. I understand people for whom a banana with black spots is perhaps too soft and gooey, but I just use those for milk shakes.


The only advantage I can see of a greener banana is when it’s in your pocket. It’s less likely to get bruised or turn to mushy pulp. There’s a balance to be drawn there. On the turbo though I prefer them more ripe :thinking:


Any colour for me - depends what’s in the fruit bowl though I prefer ripe, ie yellow over green.

Could always try these - Blue Java banana - Wikipedia :rofl:

Black ones go in banana cake/bread depending which recipe I’m following


I will eat bananas that are half black, just about to fall apart. The riper, the better for me.

I have been called out as a freak for this many times.

Don’t care


For me the high starch content in green bananas is a no no for exercise.
Ripe banana = less starch, more sugar and faster absorption = :ok_hand:


I can’t stand green bananas. In fact, the banana I grabbed to put in my lunch this morning is a little bit green and I’m almost dreading peeling it and finding is still crunchy.
Bananas are not supposed to be crunchy!!

Yellow and / or a little spotting is perfectly acceptable.


For some reason I feel like making Bananbread now. Anyone has any super secret amazing tips on how make it even better than just plain old bananabread?


considering they go from green to brown in like 2 days, I just eat them, if i demanded a certain consistence I’d have to stop at the grocery store every day and buy 1 or 2 bananas. I’m not gonna be that guy…

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This is my favorite!