Does anyone take athletic greens?

Wondering if anyone has tried the “athletic greens” supplement which seems to be the Cadillac of green supplements. Wondering on taste and also if you felt any difference in day to day energy, or recovery. Thanks.

Joe Rogan does.

Or at least he’s paid to say he does… :thinking:

Joe also is on the carnivore diet. :joy:

I haven’t tried Athletic Greens as I get what I need from eating fruits, cruciferous greens and veggies.

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wicked expensive diet supplement. especially for something that (if you will) literally grows on trees.

Just eat your fruit and veg!


Is it like Soylent Green, but made from athletes?

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I don’t use this stuff, but am currently using the Universal Nutrition Greens in my daily shake I make. I cant say whether its making me an healthier or not. I put a ton of other stuff in my shake also. I got it on sale otherwise I probably wouldnt have bought it. Tastes like pooh also even with a bunch of fruit and stuff added in.