Gravel Locos registration

Anyone else just sign up? Signed up for the 100. Coming off elbow surgery so I’m on the trainer till November-ish.


I signed up for the 150. Looking forward to it.


Its a good time. I did the 150 in the rain 2 years ago and the 100 this year. My wife is going to go with me next year so I just signed up for the GL60 so I can get done and enjoy this festivities with her.

The gravel around Hico is pretty fast for the most part. The chunkiest stuff is around the 3Bs climbs and those are legit. Back to back to back and all around 18%. Be prepared for some river crossings too. Last year it was pretty dry but that 1st year the big river crossing was a bit over knee deep on me.

Really fun event and I think its suppose to be a bigger after party this year. You’ll have a great time !!

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