Unbound Gravel 2022

Who else punted from 2020 or 2021 :raising_hand_woman:

Watched the FB live today - deferred registration begins Monday! Other lottery dates are on the website: EVENT REGISTRATION AND RANDOM SELECTION PROCESS - UNBOUND Gravel

Routes are “going south” this year. Sounds like they’ll have additional rider capacity vs last year.

I am doing the 100. Booked lodging already. Hired a coach. Saving my coffee money for new tires. Bring it.


I’m going to enter the lottery for the 200. Don’t know if to want to get chosen or not :rofl:

SBT GRVL is also a lottery this year. That’s a lot more palatable (later in the year and does not involve a half day drive!)


I need redemption for 2019……I’ll likely toss my hat in the ring and see if it gets selected.

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Can’t wait to head south in 2022. After getting beaten up by little Egypt in 2019 and 2021, I’m not sorry that it won’t be on the route!

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I hope to get in again in 2022. I attempted the 200 last year and just bonked at mile 100. Mainly due to the heat.

Plenty of good tires out there. I have the specialized pathfinder pros and love them.

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Same. Not finishing 2019 is a big regret of mine. I’ve had to defer the last two years so this is the year.

Can anyone remind me when registration opens (roughly) for dorms and trailers? I haven’t been following the information in a while and I don’t want to miss on a place to stay. I missed registering for the dorms in 2019.


Same here. Finished 200 in 2019 but this year (2021) hit the wall from heat at mile 117. Hard to pull the plug but I was having heat exhaustion on the way to heat stroke. So definitely the smart move to pull out.


Never done it before but I’ve wanted to for a while so I’m throwing my name into the lottery for the 100.

My wife will also attempt to get a spot in the 100. If one of us doesn’t make it, is it easy to back out without getting charged and having to go through the reg transfer process?

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Finished the 206 last year and hope to do it again in 2022


You can register as a team - that way either everyone on your “team” gets in or no one does.


Excellent! That should make it easy. Thanks.

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Yep. Heat did me in as well. I train in the heat but sometimes that doesn’t matter and things just don’t go your way

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It wasn’t the heat that did me in (I usually excel in the heat), but I was really sick the weekend before the race (Memorial Day). Spent the whole weekend in bed with fever, body aches and a nagging cough that eventually caused a muscle strain in my rib cage and a pounding headache I couldn’t get rid of.

Still had a bit of a cough the whole week…started off well enough on race day, staying with the lead pack until ~28 miles in. We hit a pretty technical section and I let the group go and settled into my pace…by the time we left the first aid station, the wheels were coming off and by mile 75 I was having full legs cramps (and I had never cramped on the bike before). There was just no way I could get through another 125 miles so I pulled the plug and called for our support vehicle.

Need redemption…


200 miles of gravel is tough. Even 100 is no picnic. Even if you go in completely healthy it’s tough. I’ve done a number of 100 gravel events. Longest was 177 but that was entirely flat which makes a huge difference. For me at unbound one of the huge challenges is the lack of shade when it’s hot. I ride a lot in the heat but at least with my gravel rides there is some occasional shade.

I’ll be the odd one out here and put a reminder in for the 50. Not a completely trivial ride, but very much part of the event and festival of it all. I fully expect some of you running the 200 & 100 to beat me to the finish line :stuck_out_tongue:


Does anyone know when does registration opens for signing up for the lottery draws in January?

It is in the link in the first post….enter the lottery Jan. 5 - 18th. Draw happens after the 18th.

Yea I saw that. They say lottery dates not registration dates, so I assumed they were when the draw would happen not the signups.

I’m confused by your question.

The last time I got in I was notified about two weeks after the lottery.

But the lottery is essentially your “signup.” You register, put in your CC info, and if you’re selected you are automatically signed up and charged. There’s no signup after the lottery.

Registering for the lottery is registering. However, that word is not used in their page. Under “2022 Lottery Dates”, all they put is a date. I assumed those dates are the DRAW itself, rather than registering FOR the draw. But it makes more sense now from @Power13 response.

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