Gravel Locos 2022, Hico, TX

Who’s doing Gravel Locos in Hico this year (May 14th)? I’ve signed up for the GL60 (La Mediana) route, which is classified as a ride, not race.

I got a gravel bike last spring and have really enjoyed exploring new roads and trails in my area (New Hampshire, USA). This year, I’m venturing out and signed up for this ride last weekend.

I don’t have a ton of gravel experience and felt the Ride, not Race would be preferable for me. The route is around 62 miles and 3600’ of elevation gain. I’ve done rides of this duration/elevation before and am looking forward to riding in a new area.

I’ll be riding my Trek Checkpoint SL5 outfitted with Pirelli Cinturato Gravel H 40mm tires upon bike shop recommendations.

If you’re going, please reply to this topic and share what your plans are. Perhaps we will meet in Hico!


I did it last year. It was a very well run race, and had excellent course marking, feed stations and pre/post events, from what I hear, this year will be even better.

Your tire selection should work well


If there are 2 or more people there and there is a finish line, it is a race. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’ll be there. I haven’t ridden it before but have a friend who has. He had a great time last year and highly recommended it. One thing to note, there were some deep water crossings.

How deep? I saw a few videos from last year and the crossing at the Bosque River seemed to be knee-high. Did you friend indicate it was higher than that? I would imagine if it was really deep, they wouldn’t allow people to cross.

He said waist high, but he could have been exaggerating. I saw some video and it was definitely deep.

I’m in for the 100.

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I rode the 150 last year in the rain. It was a fun day. I think I remember the 1st river crossing being about mid thigh on me and the water was moving pretty good. There are several other river crossings that were pretty slick. The aid stations are all well stocked. Most of the gravel was pretty fast until it started dumping down rain. The 3Bs were 3 back to back to back climbs that are pretty tough. They aren’t long but they are steep, around 18%, and I remember the gravel being pretty chunky there.

I’m riding the 100 this year. I saw Fabian the race director at an event and he mentioned that the finish line was going to be more of a party atmosphere this year. Hico is a pretty cool little town and I bet the event is even better than it was last year.


I rode (errr…and walked) the 3Bs in another event a few years ago. They’re no joke.

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Hico got a lot of rain leading up to the event. The river crossing was probably 2.5-3 feet deep on race day, but typically is no where near that deep. People can ride across it when its at its normal depth.


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Like i said above, it rained A LOT before the race last year. Thats not normal depth.

Did you read the commentary? It’s a joke post

So the funny thing is last year they were constantly posting about making fun of people who walked the stream, or having kids through water balloons s at walkers, an posted videos of people riding it……then it rained and they called in the FD to be on scene and strung up ropes. This year they are kinda doing the opposite.

Anyway yes, i read it and just don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about the crossing . Its shallow, unless it rains a lot.

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So it looks to be a hot one. Record high temps expected all week next week. My weather app says a high of 98 next Saturday in Hico. Hydrate and get your last minute heat acclimation in.


It’s been brutal in Houston. Humidity is HIGH. My ride last weekend was 75 degrees and 85% humidity at 7am.

I saw something that said they’ve moved the start time to 7:30am?


I’m in for the 155 and the heat is definitely going to be a factor. The good news is that it will be over 100 this weekend, so 98 will feel nice and cool for the race… Seriously, with the spring humidity mixed with these temps (rare and dangerous combination), I hope people take care of themselves out there. At least the last 20 miles or so should have a tail wind, that’s always nice in a long race when everyone is cooked at the end.

Hydration and pacing will be key, I plan to roll with a pack and 2 big bottles. It will be interesting to see how hard the group goes from the start and how many folks stop at the early aid stations. My experience with gravel racing is that the extra weight and aero penalty of a pack is usually offset by being able to stay with a fast group skipping aid stations early. The extreme heat could change that, but I still think people will be skipping the early aid stations until it starts warming up. I’m thinking I could do it on 2 stops at 55 miles and 106 miles with ~4 liters of fluids on board. Here are the stops for the 155 race:

Any thoughts on tires from people who have ridden out there? I was planning to run pathfinder pro 38’s.

Also, is the gravel predictable/smooth enough to run aero bars? I figure with a day this long, there is a good chance I end up on my own or in small groups for a while.


I’m in for the Mediana (69 miles this year). I’m coming from southern New Hampshire, were we haven’t yet had a day in the 70s, so I’m a bit concerned about the heat. I have may have to lower my expectations for average power, speed, and finish time.

My heat acclimation training has been limited to trainer sessions with no fans on. I’m sure it’s not enough, but it’s the best I can do at this point.

I’m planning on carrying two bottles with me, filled with Perpeteum and Endurolytes Extreme. I have a third bottle which will be filled with baggies of extra Perpeteum and Endurolytes Extreme. I’m planning on stopping for water along the way.

I also have the USWE Outlander Pro hydration pack, but still debating about carrying it. This will only be filled with water if I take it. Not sure I need all of this liquid for a 70-mile race/ride.

Regarding tires, a gentleman in the Dallas Park Cities Trek store recommended 40 mm Pirelli Cinturato Gravel H tires (H for for hard pack). I’ve been running these for about a month up here and they’ve been very fast rolling and comfortable. They are set up as tubeless.

Good luck to all of you doing the event. Perhaps we will run into one another the day of the race.

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I’m doing the 110. For Hydration - I did order some of the Flow Formula mix they will have at the aid stations since I have never tried it before. I plan on using it this weekend to make sure it agrees with my stomach. Being able to rely on aid stations vs. carry my usual Skratch packets will be nice. I am considering a pack vs. multiple stops but I’m not “racing” as much as just trying to finish in as little time as I can. I would like to find a group to ride with though - particularly outbound against the wind.

I plan to go out this weekend in the afternoon and ride in the heat of the day to help acclimate.

For tires - I have never ridden this particular area but what I have seen on video looks similar to the roads I ride north of DFW. I have been riding a pair of Pirelli Cinturato Gravel H for the last few weeks that I really like and will run at Hico. Very fast on pavement and hardpack with just enough grip for the loose over hard stuff. 40s measure 42 on my wheels.

Based on recent weather and dry conditions this week I don’t expect the water crossings to be an issue. It looked like yesterday’s rain mainly bypassed Hico to the South. My guess is only water at N. Bosque crossing and that should be shallow.

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I’m doing the 69 too. I won’t be puttering, but my intent is to stay with low IF, drink a ton of water, and stop as needed for breaks. Maybe a .75 or so. I’d like a good time, but don’t want to suffer in the heat either. I’m sitting by the pool right now and the heat is brutal. I’d be happy if they moved the start even earlier.

I’ve never ridden the course, so can’t recommend a tire, but I’m just planning to leave the GK SK tires I ride 95% of the time on there.