GP 5000 TL Rolling Resistance - New best road tire?

I didn’t realize that the TL version is within a watt of the corsa speed! The corsa is like riding on tissue paper so the extra durability would be nice.

They also come in sizes up to 32.

Has anyone ridden this tire, if so, how does it feel?

I know I’m late to the party on this one, but this is the first time I’ve seen the TL rolling resistance numbers.


I saw a GPlama video a couple of days ago where he fitted them to his new Giant, so might be worth reaching out for his opinion?

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Rode it at the weekend. Feels great.

I mean, there was only SO much of the massive headwind that the rolling resistance can compensate for, but first impressions were good. To be honest right now I’m using them so I can run lower pressures on British winter roads, but I’m planning to take it to Tenerife in a month, pump them up to 90, and enjoy the smooth tarmac too. Seems like a do-it-all tyre option for everything except my TT Bike.

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No experience with these myself yet.

However, as soon as the snow lets up, I’m going to fit a set of the 700x32 versions onto my cyclocross bike for summer time gravel/road training rides. (Our gravel is pretty mellow, I ride on it with 700x25 Power Comps regularly.)

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I’ve got these setup on my road bike - 25s on Enve 5.6s. Feels fantastic - great tire so far


Couple of people had them for a month: Continental goes tubeless with their new GP 5000!

How do they pair aerodynamically with the enves?

That was what the 4000s were known for; low rolling resistance and great aerodynamics.

Did you get the 5.6 disc?

They measure a little bit narrower than the 4000 25s but not a ton of difference so I’m hoping it has a similar aerodynamic profile with the Enves. I haven’t been able to find any actual wind tunnel testing on the combo though so it’s unclear

No - these are on my rim brake bike. Once I have more miles on the System Six Knot wheels I’ll make a decision on if I want to get Enve’s on there as well

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edit: HED jet+

edit 2: I have the non-TL. Disregard…


The ones I have measured smaller than 25s from the 4000 - interesting that yours are that much larger



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Edit: See above.

No gum wall, no care.

I’m still not sure that road tubeless at pressures above 60psi works well enough to be worth it.


Who rides at 100 psi in 2019?

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Everywhere I have seen has been saying that they measure closer to their rated size, where the 4000 would measure large.

Have you looked at the recommended PSIs for tubeless from Enve?

I’m in the 160-170 range and am running 80 PSI (still higher than they recommend)

This matches my experience as well

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I forgot, are you running the 5000 TL tubeless on the 5.6?


After reading the thread title carefully mine are not TL. Oops. Sorry. For those buying the none TL version these inflate large.