Pirelli TLR RS users?

Considering the new P Zero TLR RS since the old TLR version was a bit closer to the 5000 AS performance wise. Anyone using the new new Pirelli tire? I know it’s fairly new but still wondering if they’re worth buying or just stick to the tried and true 5000?

I took a gamble and got the tires anyway. They installed easily on my RSL51 wheels but did not seat with a floor pump like my continentals did. Ride quality is smoother than my 5000 S TR. And BRR just tested them with great results: Pirelli P Zero Race TLR RS SpeedCore 28 Rolling Resistance Review

“ Overall, the RS is a very strong option, and it challenges the Grand Prix 5000 S TR as the best-performing all-round road bike tire. Depending on the air pressure, the rolling resistance compared to the GP5000 S TR is somewhere between 5 to 10 percent higher, but in return, you get 25% more puncture resistance and 15 to 20% more grip on wet roads.”