Continental GP5000 All Season TR

Looks like a new tire will be released in the coming months.

Now showing a 700x35C tire size will be added. A bit heavy at stated weight of 425 Grams though?

Should be quite popular.


Man, that seems awfully heavy. Wonder how it compares to the foam inserts inside a normal gp5k weight and rolling wise.

Interesting but yeah seems overly heavy the Corsa N.Ext is almost 70g lighter per tire and looks to have excellent wet grip and pretty good puncture protection and rolling resistance. Likely gonna get a set of those in 32c to slap on my gravel bike as a winter road machine.


I have a salsa warbird and it is a bit less stable than I’d like with the 32c. I think these will be great all around tires and an easy transition between these and my GKs in 35c.

I noticed people talk about the weight, but I think at 35c the aero drawback is probably more on an issue.

This went pretty quiet recently, and I really didn’t see anything from the media outlets or Conti, but…
Now, I managed to get my hands on them. These are the black, reflective ones, while the „reflective“ is apparently pretty subtle.
I have yet to ride these. Definitely heavy af (28c are 340g).

Does anyone have any experience yet? Also, they are quite high up on BRR voting, so we’ll probably know relatively soon how these perform in terms of puncture protection, CRR and grip.

Really really easy to set up. Just a normal track pump and they went onto the ENVE 6.7 no problem. Holding air super well, without sealant.
29mm wide on 23 TSS internal.


Good timing - earlier today I ordered one pair each of 25 and 28 AS (as well as the recent Schwalbe gravel tire that’s out of stock here in the US). Should be ~2 weeks until they are delivered though.

Definitely strange that there is really no info on them online from the media or manufacturer.

Hoping they have decent performance/feel and most importantly for me low maintenance (good air holding, sealant not drying out super quick, puncture resistance and durable)

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more sidewall protection+mileage with using the same black chili compound would suggest to me that its simply a thicker rubber profile over the normal GP5000 casing. Would also explain the increased weight

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The Grand Prix 4 Season used to be my go to late fall - early spring tire. I always thought it was a bummer that they didn’t offer a tubeless version. I hope that this tire turns out good, because I’d be into it.

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The B24 webpages for both the 25 and 28 seems to have been removed. Perhaps they were not supposed to be sold this early :slight_smile:

First 100k on the tire, got a little wider (29.0 to 29.5). Quite grippy on 0C asphalt. It feels a little harsh compared to GP5000s TR, but that was kinda expected, with them being reinforced on the sidewalls.


Running same pressure as S TR?

Marginally lower. I used SRAM AXS Tire pressure app, and used „reinforced“ casing instead of „standard“, which has pressure lowered by a couple PSI.

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Does it feel different than normal Gp5000s? I think both use black chili compound still right? The Gp5000s has slightly worse wet performance than the gp 4-season Continental Grand Prix 4 Season 2022 Rolling Resistance Review

They claim it has higher wet grip. Usually winter or 4 season tires have a different tire rubber mix, to not get too rigid and potentially brittle in the cold. It is still Black Chili based, but maybe they altered something about the compound. Pirelli does that from Race to 4S. Conti does that in their car tires…

I ride the regular 5000s trs in winter and on gravel. Haven’t had any issues with that, actually love them. A 35 sounds interesting but the weight is pretty hefty. My 32 regulars stretch to 34mm on my 25mm rims, so I’m already close to 35. So what does the AllSeason do differently? The regulars are already pretty robust and wet grip is really good.

As aforementioned, the All Seasons are more grippy and more robust, and less rigid/ brittle in the cold.

This was more a self-directed question. Having plenty of experience with the regular 5000s I just wonder what use a even more robust/grippy 5000 has. Despite it being here cold and wet on poor roads and gravel I don’t see the need for it. Seems like road bike riding with downhill bike protection gear. However, this is just my context.

It’s probably a matter of luck. You can have a Cinturato get a cut on your first ride, or a TT tire last 2000km+ no problem.
If you are happy with the standard 5000s TR, that’s great. Some people have reported short life in bad conditions.

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I find these super interesting, maybe these will be great mild gravel race tires.

I run 35 Pirelli Cinturato and they blow out to 39mm on my rims, if these would blow out to 39mm on my rims I basically will have found the best tire combo for me to run unless I get into single track.

Where is everyone ordering these currently (I reside in the USA).

They’re essentially just the upgrade of the GP4 Season. fwiw I always felt GP4000’s and now GP5000’s a bit lightweight for Irish winter road conditions (which are probably more like “light gravel”!). I’ve had GP4 Season on my winter bike for good few years at this stage.

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