Gould +1 outdoor not working on edge 530

It only shows a few of the steps in random order. Did Gould outdoors and it worked fine - thought you may want the heads up on this.

Hey @fasterstronger,

Thanks so much for the heads up, so sorry to hear that your workout was all mixed up :slightly_frowning_face:.

I just took a look in our database and Gould +1 looks correct from our end, but we have been seeing some issues with user’s workouts getting corrupted after they push to their head units. We believe this is an issue on Garmin’s end but we are doing what we can to investigate and get to the bottom of this issue.
Would you mind reporting this to our support team at support@traiinerroad.com so that we can look into this a little further?

Thanks so much Bryce. Will send an email. Was just giving a heads up btw- in case it came off complain-y. That was not the intent.

Not “complain-ey” at all! We’re just bummed whenever we hear that technical issues are disrupting your training.

Thanks so much for taking the time to report this issue, our Support Agents will get back to you shortly :+1:.