Google Nexus 7 (2013) bluetooth issues?

I have emailed support but thought I’d try asking the hive mind too…

I’m trying to utilise an old tablet as my dedicated TR screen, but it doesn’t seem to be seeing any of my devices.

I’ve checked the spec at and it does indeed have Bluetooth 4.0. The TR app shows that Bluetooth is activated and doesn’t give any errors, other than not showing any devices!

I have three things I’d like to pair to it:

  1. tacx neo
  2. wahoo tickr HR strap
  3. wahoo cadence sensor

None seem to work… but for now I’m just focusing on the HR strap. I’m currently wearing it, I’m in front of the tablet, but it just won’t show up in the TR app.

If I go to the Android settings page for Bluetooth devices that HR strap DOES show up in there, and the tablet will happily pair with it, but whatever I do it doesn’t show up in the app.

Any ideas?

I’ve uninstalled every other app on the tablet, restarted it, and ensured it has the latest version of Android available to it (6.0.2)


I know this might sound dumb, but are those devices paired to another device?
If you’re just now trying to use the Nexus 7 tablet for TR, it’s possible that your NEO, HR strap, and cadence sensor are still paired to a phone you’ve been using to train?

We have users and employees training with the Nexus 7 and I haven’t heard of problems with BT connectivity on these devices. What I’d recommend is unpairing your trainer and accessories from the TR app on whatever device you had been using, then try again on the tablet. Bluetooth devices can only pair to one receiver at a time so if they’re already paired somewhere else, they’ll be invisible to TrainerRoad.

I don’t THINK that’s the issue, as I think I was out of range of the PC I’ve used before, and like I say they show up in the Android Bluetooth settings screen… But I’ll try tomorrow, thanks!

nexus bluetooth issue is ridiculous and annoyd me while using it. printer offline fix assured me for help and getting no other solution?

I figured it out. Ever noticed how when you first run TR on a new device it tells you it needs location information for device pairing to work? No idea why, but there you go… Well I had location services disabled on this tablet. As soon as I enabled it the devices all started popping up immediately.

The app had permission, but the global setting was switched off, doh.

Glad you figured that out!! If you’re interested, here’s a discussion on why location information is required for Bluetooth pairing: