GoldenCheetah Workflow?

I just downloaded GC to use in combo with tr as I am interested in some additonal analytics and looking for some process tips or best practices. Searched and saw a few but not exactly what I was looming for.

Thanks in advance and not interested in wko at this point as gc is free and like what I see so far

Not a lot out there on the Internet, try this:

After using GC for 6+ months, one reason I moved to WKO4 was the ease of customizing and creating my own analytics. And while GC has Python and R support, it was so much easier (for me) hacking existing WKO4 charts and formulas. That and I really like the modeling of FTP and VO2max. There are a few things I like about GC, covered in the link above.


Thanks. I might get there but want to try GC first to see if I will actually need it prior to looking into wko. Been working out well with just the TR calendar which I like.

I did the same!

p.s. TR calendar is more than good enough, and I don’t “need” WKO or GC.

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Have you set up the auto Strava Sync? It used to be in the beta download, but maybe it is the main one now. Then you just sync from TR to Strava free account and then Strava to GC so all your TR rides appear automatically in GC for analysis.

Yes but need to download my garmin connect runs (rides are all there) as those are not coming over via tapirik as the link is broken. I have not used strava and only hooked it up to get things into gc from garmin connect.

sycing from Strava to GC is only possible rebuilding the source code after congif as here?

*edit: ouch, I saw that it’s easily possible with the beta version!

I never actually use a Strava itself, but everything else seems to Sync to it easily. I have Garmin connect too (Edge 530) but my swimming tracker (Platysens Marlin) and running Watch (Suunto Ambit 2) don’t.

I have seen a few comments about the Tapirik link no longer working. It seems something GArmin did broke a link and it toook a while to reconnect.
I need to check if my feeds are still flowing

Incidentally, just looking at the “workflow” part of your title. My current computer sucks, but if it didn’t I would be creating my own metrics & all downloaded data would be analysed for it:

For instance, look up the formulas for NP etc. Not saying the underlying concept is wrong, but the actual formula is ridiculously simple (but would work on vintage bike computers). And even if you ignore the fact no person in the universe is accurately modelled by that formula it makes no sense that everyone is the same. I’d have created a personalised NP just for me that used a bit more of the computing power I have & from that create a more accurate stress score/IF etc. Just need a new computer.

The garmin connection has been down for a while and not working to pull from. Since I just opened strava account just for goldencheetah I thought I would use tapirik to feed all of my TR activites (including runs I inputted) but unfortunately it only took the rides from there into strava.

So essentially since the garmin connect link is down in tapirik I need to go to garmin and export the fit file manually. Not a game breaker but annoying to say the least as I have data back to 2013 since garmin is my only ecosystem. I asked garmin for my data via a pul and they did send it but there were a lot of fit files in the zip that did not have dates attached for the import into gc and was useless as you need to assign a date.

Agree and I dont like strava and just using it to make it easier to pull in my new files.

I am still new but setting it all up last night and pretty easy. Just need to delete and organize rhe graphs that make sense for me. Good suggestion on the np you suggested.

I think this is true but I dabble in a couple 70.3s each year which is why I am interested. And it is easy to see past history in the trends tab for the amount of runs, bikes, per year or last 14 days or along those lines which is cool to me.

I’m having trouble finding how to sync Strava to GC. The Bereda article indicates there should be an option under the share tab, however I do not see one.

I am using version 4.0

I would be happy to just sync with DropBox but don’t want to manually add all my past TR rides.

I can’t remember what version I have. It was pretty easy to setup though. I did have a beta version, but I think it was a beta of 4.

They’ve removed Trading Peaks integration anyway and that is on your screenshot; makes me think it isn’t fully up to date.

Shame there isn’t a TrainerRoad option. I haven’t subscribed to TP for years and TR are rapidly gaining similar functionality. One thing TP did well (once) though was integration. I’d really like it if TR connected to more stuff and I could get rid of Strava all-together.

There is no version 4.0 of GC. The current release version is 3.4

You need version 3.5 Development Build 1903 March 2019 for Strava sync:

I am not a computer programmer/engineer. To import my strava rides into GC, I simply download all of my TR rides to Dropbox, then collect them in GC. Strava reads to TR. My Bolt also downloads all rides to Dropbox making it easy to pick them up in whatever software I’m using.

With version 3.5 of GC you don‘t need to be a programmer. Just connect your Stava account in the share menu and sync. It‘s that easy :slight_smile:

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Tried the GC 3.5 March 2019 beta and Strava sync wasn’t fully working - haven’t seen a new beta and from GitHub issues I’m not the only one having problems. Hope it gets sorted out soon, either with a new beta or a release.