Easy way to import from TR to GoldenCheetah

Up until a couple of months ago I was training on a dumb trainer, stored the file on my Garmin and imported it to GoldenCheetah through quite a complicated way: I run a bash script that accesses my garmin-connect account and downloads the new rides to dropbox folder from which GoldenCheetah then imports.

Now that I train on a smart trainer through the Trainerroad App, my data does not go through garmin-connect. Is there an easy way to import Trainerroad data to GC? Even an automated way to get them in the aforementioned dropbox folder would be good enough.

On your profile page there is a ride sync option. From there you can connect TrainerRoad to both DropBox and Garmin Connect.

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Thanks, I should have looked there. I connected to dropbox but it seems to not download anything. I assume it is only for future rides? If yes, is there an easy way to download older ones too?

I think its only for future rides, however if you send an email to support@trainerroad.com they can probably help you out.


The latest GC version has a fix that allows it to import from Strava, so if you have Garmin connected to Strava you can have rides upload automatically.

If you download and import directly into GC, I’ve found that the distance data is often incorrect (wildly so). All other parameters seem the same. Just something to keep in mind if indoor distance matters to you.


I haven’t had a TR account for a few months, but when I did, I was sync’ing to Strava, and from Strava to GC. Worked like a charm. Had to use a Beta version of GC (not sure if Strava linking is in the latest official release yet). TR was just the normal TR version for my Mac.

Thanks a lot for all the replies. I didn’t know I could sync from Strava. This works much better than my previous setup!

Just for reference, I thought I’d add my workflow for other people and maybe y’all can add to this in case other people find this thread searching for GC.

I also import directly from Strava and find that the easiest way. It helps to create a TrainerRoad tab in GoldenCheetah to be able to copy my workout notes quickly after I worked out so I have them both on TR and in GoldenCheetah.

I have a python script that I run every day to create a CSV with weight/bodyfat data to import into GoldenCheetah (just hit Share->Download Body Measurements). Happy to throw that up on Github if that’s useful.

I also export HRV4Training data every day after taking the measurement and upload that to Dropbox, again, when I open GoldenCheetah after working out I just hit Share->Download HRV Measurements and import that directly from my Dropbox folder (requires dropbox client on mac).

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The dropbox method worked for me for Golden Cheetah.

But, I eventually sprang for WKO4 because of the much easier (automatic) data sync and the cleaner easier to use interface.

Loaded the beta and setup as a new user, and ran into two issues:

  • only imported last 30 days, or something like that
  • completely failed to load a race, wiped the beta clean (including hidden data), reinstalled the beta and politely did a manual import and the same Garmin .fit race file failed to load

That was my second attempt at using GC beta, and second time that I ran into severe problems.

Went back to using the stable release of GC with Dropbox import of TR activities:

I use the Dropbox approach. And TR syncs to Strava also.

I also have a watched folder on GC that is the Dropbox folder.

So when I finish a ride (TR on the laptop) by the time I make it to the main computer, it’s all sync’ . I open GC and it auto imports from Dropbox.

I tag everything and write up any observation, add in my sleep quality and resting HR for that morning.

I also save the GC backups to another Dropbox . I can then load those into another GC on a different computer if I’m away from home.

It does cost $169 (one time) but I’m putting in another plug for WKO4. GC is great piece of free shareware and it does do almost everything WKO4 does but it does require way more hand holding. If $169 is not a major issue for you, WKO4 is million times easier to work with than GC. WKO4 interfaces automatically and completely with TrainingPeaks. So, every time you open WKO4, it automatically sucks in all new (or updated with a new note etc) workouts/rides etc from TrainingPeaks. And it is super easy to have a wide variety of data sources sync with TP automatically (TR,Strava,Garmin and a bunch of other fitness data tools) so no more manually syncing anything. That alone is worth $169 to me but then add in all the other user interface aspects which are easier to use then GC plus the detailed training and how to’s that are available it was (is) well worth it to me to make the switch and I have never looked back.

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@STP about 6 months ago I did the 30-day trial of WKO4 at the same time as GoldenCheetah. Found both to a bit challenging to get started. Eventually found my way in both, enough to do the basics like I had in TP Premium (web) and could see there was more. Moved forward with GC for cost reasons, overall it works fine and its open-source so I’ve hacked around a bit with the code.

That said, WKO4 continues to interest me. This thread caused me to file a ticket with TP asking for another trial license. What I’d like to see now is how well WKO4 works with free TP account. My previous eval was done while I still had TP Premium account.

FYI - If you have a USACylcing license you can get a 20% discount on the annual TrainingPeaks subscription as a member benefit.

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How do you get your Garmin data into that background sync folder? Or does TR sync rides it imports from GC or Strava to the Dropbox as well?

Right now its a manual import from Garmin into that folder.

Thanks, TP just gave me a 14-day trial and after playing with it for 5 minutes with free TP web account I’m going to buy WKO4. Then post-outdoor ride workflow will be renaming ride in Strava, copying name, and then pasting name in TP mobile while putting bike away. A quick 1-2 minutes and all the ride names match up. Now that I have 6 months of GC under my belt, WKO4 is so much easier to pick up and use. Everything so far in WKO4 is better. There might be something in GC I can use (does WKO4 allow you to define a segment and find all rides with that segment?), but GC is free and I can always pull it out and use it for anything not in WKO4.

edit: spent another 5 minutes with WKO at lunch. There are a few annoyances in WKO4 but compared to GC its so much cleaner and faster to analyze a ride. Definitely going to shell out dollars and buy it.

was hoping that discount applied to WKO4 as well - just tried and it doesn’t :frowning: I’m going to use WKO4 with free TP account (combo works great).

Don’t you need an active Training Peaks account as well for it to sync everything?
At least planning ahead is only possible in the paid version of TrainingPeaks, which is what I’m really looking for, to be able to adjust training to meet the desired CTL, ACL and whatnot :slight_smile: