Golden Cheetah v3.5 Released

Posting from Wattage google group:

It is available to download here:
An overview of what’s new is available in video form here:

Main features in this release are:

  • Sync with major cloud services (Strava, Xert, TodaysPlan, SportTracks etc)
  • Banister Performance Modelling and Power Index
  • CP Performance Modelling with Performance Tests
  • Charting and Scripting with Python
  • Augment with HRV, RPE and Body Measures and Metrics

Does not work for bulk import of years of strava files unfortunately

Bummer, I’m out.

There are work arounds.

You can use to sync to a dropbox folder and then import that locally.

You can also request your strava data. Though mine has 348 entries without a date which upsets GC greatly.

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I just gave GC 1300 files and it chowed down on them just fine. I have to locate all the older ones and see how it’ll go

Correcting all those dates, no thanks

You do not need to re-import, downloading from strava works just fine.

  1. when synchronizing from the share menu change the dates (by default it has to/from for last month) and press refresh to get a full list.
  2. the auto sync at startup will only look for files in the last 30 days.

There are reports of Strava rate limiting at the moment due to high demand from our users, so it might be worth trying again later (if that is the root cause of the problem).



I’m very pleased to report that my issues ref Strava sync are over. Downloaded 3.5 and it connected to Strava first time of asking. Could never get it to work before.


I’ve been using GC in the past for years, but this new version seems to have messed up my “trends” charts. I’m sure there is a setting that needs adjustment or some simple user error combined with poor UX. Tracker, Time in Zone, Etc are all blank.

Any tips?

Thanks in advance.

Pretty sure Golden Cheetah was a strip club in Atlanta in the late 80’s. Next to the Gold Room

Makes sense, there are some really attractive features in that application…

Delete the cache folder and it should work.

I downloaded GoldenCheetah after a recommendation from someone on Reddit, imported all of my data, and became completely lost in the interface. Feel like one needs a science degree to understand it all.

Is there some GoldenCheetah for dummies guide somewhere to help out clueless people like me?

You’ve seen the videos in ?

But generally I’d say it’s an awesome tool for people who enjoy playing around with data and figuring things out. If that’s not you there are simpler tools around, like


I’ll try checking out those videos and see if it helps me better understand how to use it. Thanks.

Welcome to open source - interface and gui are not GC’s strong points. But the capabilities are awesome.

(I worked on OSS projects for years… going back to the late 90’s and early 2000’s - Samba, Linux, Apache, Sendmail… I love OSS software but yeah, interface has always been the weakness to this day. GC no different)

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