Getting back on the horse

So starting back on TrainerRoad and can’t decide which plan. I ride road and have raced in a few crits. This year I’m going to do some road races and maybe sprinkle in a few crits. I live in the southeast so some races will be hilly. Also do lots of group rides that are quite punchy and fast. Can’t pick between rolling road, climbing road or criterium plan for the best all around build.

Check out the Plan Builder. Load your events on the calendar and let the PB do the work.

Thanks for the reply, unfortunately I don’t really have a A race this year and there are no events uploaded to USA cycling in my area yet. So I can’t add in my events currently.

OK, you can still use the “I don’t have events” option for Plan Builder. Essentially, it will default to doing a complete Base, Build, Specialty approach and extend past that depending on what you set for an end date.