Choosing training plans

I’ve got a couple of questions. First of all, how are the plans meant to be used? What I mean can I switch between base/build after each block completed or are the blocks meant to be continued within the same phase (eg. complete x number of training blocks in the base phase and then move on to the build phase). If so, how many blocks within the base phase?

After over a year of little or no activity, I’ve just completed the first block of the base phase? Loving it - have definitely seen the improvement in my performance outdoors. Should I continue the second block with the base phase or start a build phase. For the first block I chose the low volume one to have chance to ride outdoors as well (the area where I live is not suitable for doing structured training outdoors). I’m not focused on any specific goals. I do have a short TT coming up still this year but for next year I’ll be preparing for a 100mile sportive so I guess a general focus is what I’m going to take.


I would use plan builder if I were you. Though to answer your question. Second base block and then build. Then either back to base or forward to speciality. Pick whatever specialization suits you best. Likely general build or sustained power build plus perhaps tt speciality.

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OK. Thanks. So are you saying I should do one more block of base as it is and then use the plan builder or use the plan builder now?

I would use plan builder now and for ‘start date’ you can enter the date from when you started your first base phase and it will take that into account. If you don’t have an event then you can just pick a focus, weakness, or just something that sounds interesting (e.g. maybe you have a weekly group ride you want to improve for or you think more punchy mtb stuff sounds fun[even if you don’t ride mtb]). Then plan builder will just take you through the end of the year with that focus.

PB will take the thinking out of choosing the different phases but pay attention to what the different phases that it chooses are so on subsequent times through you are more informed as to what you like or not or what works or doesn’t for you and your goals.

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Nah, I would use PB straight away.

Though if you want to plan the season yourself, I would do SSB1+2 followed by build and then either speciality or base again.

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Done. Now the fun part: Doing it :grinning:


Attaboy, happy training.

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