General or Sustained Build

First time running through the program and admittedly started a little late but I am finishing the Base 2 phase high volume and need to decide between General or Sustained Build. I am first and foremost a marathon MTB racer but also enjoy the weekly group road rides and plan to do some shorter MTB XC as well this season. Any thoughts are appreciated.


Short answer, General Build. It will give you a nice blend and allow you to perform well in all your disciplines.


I would say General Build as well. Both General build and Sustained Build are very similar in their approach. Sustained Build has slightly more intervals that stay really close to your threshold for extended periods of time. General Build mixes things up a little more with over/unders and Vo2 to give you more of a board range in performance If you know the courses that you will be riding have really long sustained climbs i would lean toward Sustained Power Build. However if they more punchy climbs and rolling hills, General build will be better suited for all around performance