GCN+ broadcast video quality is awful?

Is anyone else finding the broadcast picture quality on GCN just awful? I have 1 gig up and downstream fibre so internet speed is not an issue, but the picture quality is just terrible. See example of snip from logo below.

This really reduces the quality of experience when watching the racing :frowning:

All the settings on the system is maxed out, any other tips and advice? Have tried GCN directly as well.

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I think this is something on your end. The broadcast and image quality I get is fine

How are you viewing the streams?

For instance if you’re streaming on your Wi-Fi to your android phone and then using a chromecast to watch on your TV…that’s what, three (phone hardware limitations, Wi-Fi interruptions/issues, and chromecast connectivity) potential places for image degradation downstream of their feed?

But if you’re using a hardwired connection to watch directly from a laptop then there’s only one place (laptop hardware limitations)

Above assumes your overall internet quality is good and you aren’t having meaningful packet loss

Hard to say without more information, but broadly speaking the stream is high quality for me

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hardwired I have 1gig fibre connection and watching on Apple TV so not sure why its so poor, use to be better on red bull tv :frowning:

May want to see if you can put in a ticket with gcn+ to see if they can diagnose whatever is going on with your connection. I ran into some issues with zwift a few months back and surprisingly the zwift folks were able to give suggestions on what else was going on with my machine causing repeated problems. Not sure if gcn+ will be able to do the same, but it’s worth a shot.

I agree with the other poster, I’d be surprised if it’s not something on your end as my feed has been flawless with great image quality all year (and I run it daily to have in the background when I’m working)

Try running GCN in your web browser and see if you have the same issue.

Yeah idk what to tell you, the stream quality is fine for most people. Try other devices on the same connection, change one variable at a time and see if you can identify the weak spot in the chain

Color me confused since GCN+ is dead.

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What’s the confusion? Were you expecting a high quality stream from a deprecated app?!


I’m not the one expecting anything. Not sure why the prior commentor (to whom I replied) is complaining about an app/service that was dead a few month ago?

This needed a sarcasm tag. Sorry. :slight_smile:


I got it, and laughed

2nd text-only reading fail for me this week :man_shrugging:

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Resurrected under a different name. Included for the time being if you have MAX (HBO).