Paris roubaix femmes on peacock keeps crashing

Tried on 2 different tvs. Does anyone else have this problem or is it me?

Been fine here. No stutters at all.

Interesting sticky bottle

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Same here in the Chicago suburbs. Stream keeps stalling and timing out…

It’s working fine on my Roku but on my iPad it keeps crashing, I’m down in Florida.

Worked fine for me watching on Chrome on my PC. Tried my Sony TV and no issues there.

Replay worked fine. Trek looking strong.

Different problem: anyone else have audio out of balance? The noise of the race coverage (motorcycles, helicopter) drowning out Hannah and Anthony’s commentary?

I’m watching through Peacock on Apple TV.

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Yeah, the app kept crashing on my iPad but once I switched over to Chrome on my laptop it was fine.

Absolutely….the mix was horrible. You could hear mindless chatter in French but barely hear them. And the chopper noise was very upfront in the mix.

GCN worked great. I actually had it playing on my phone at work this am

Yeah, the only reason I didn’t use GCN w/ VPN was because sometimes it gets glitchy when I use that combo hooked up to a display. I was on the trainer and didn’t want to have to screw around with anything once I got going.

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My audio was bad until about 35ish k to go. Same setup peacock on Apple TV.

Hopefully they get it right for tomorrow.

I will give Peacock credit for not having Roll & VDV on today. ( or Liggett)….hopefully it will be the same tomorrow (even though I’ll likely just have GCN going)

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The sound was terrible!

Watching it now on AppleTV and sounds is bad. The CC is also pretty slow and behind (yes I watch all tv with CC on :slight_smile: )

When I first read the title of the thread I figured it was about crashes in the peloton!