How are you going to watch the Giro?

Are you buying GCN? Is it worth it if I probably cant watch many full stages but would like highlights? How are their highlights? How are their commentators?

Do you just hunt around youtube for hightlights? Other sources? VPN and try to watch on RAI directly?

GCN is very good. Worth the price.

Tiz, though isn’t horrible, but there are some cons.


Gcn is pretty good if you get coverage in or out of the area. I have been enjoying the commentators a lot.

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GCN is very good. They have everything on demand, so you can watch the pre-recorded material at a later time. There’s also a few other perks, like world or racing, etc. If you want free, then just use Tiz, but that comes with some compromises.

GCN Excellent.
Commentators mostly brilliant, I find Carlton Kirby annoying, but he’s very knowledgeable.
Loads of other good content and and smaller races too.

GCN+ subscriber here

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GCN, I used to watch FLO but their coverage seems to be getting worse.

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Anyone use a VPN to watch races? I’m starting to look into this option since NBC Gold pass is going away and the Tour is around the corner.

I may sign up for GCN+ for just one month to watch the Giro. Only reason I’ve hesitated so far is I find following the grand tours can really be a time suck if I’m not careful.

VPN and Eurosport/RAI

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Yes the only way


Another GCN convert. After an active start to the season, I was disappointed with the lack of US content in April, but the additional content beyond races is also quite good. I really enjoyed the one on Orla Walsh, for example. (before anyone suggests it, I’m not going to steal content with a VPN. Not judging what others choose to do, it’s just not something I’m comfortable with personally)

I certainly respect your position, but I’d definitely like to point out that those of us with Eurosport are actually paying for it and not getting anything for free


Are you using the VPN to pretend you’re in a different country? That’s what I was referring to.

Yes, I know. I’m just pointing out it’s being paid for. Nobody gets Eurosport for free.

As I said, I totally respect your position on geo blocking.

GCN+ with Private Internet Access to change to a region that has that race.

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Seems like flo has lost rights to most things in the US. Wish I had known before I renewed because they are by far the most expensive service here.

I use Tiz. You have to have a good ad/pop-up blocker and it’s not perfect. What does work well is watching the last 10-15-20km or whatever is interesting after Tiz has uploaded the file. I find that super reliable.

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