GCN Racepass not working for anybody else?

Just wondering if anyone is in the same boat with the following issue:

Since Thursday I cannot access content anymore even though I have an active subscription through apple. GCN app and browser do however show no content and instrad i see the button to subscribe. Deleted the app and reinstalled, tried to restore purchased content. Nothing works…

Submitted a ticket with support on Thursday, they just keep asking for more information and did not fix the issue before the weekend :rage: Missing out on lots of quality racing!

Everything is working for me. I watch it on an Android device and chromecast it to my TV. Baring the occasional issue which always gets sorted by turning my pone on & off it’s fine

I’ve not been into this morning bit its been fine for me. I did tune in yesterday and thought it was broken but subsequently found out the Giro was shortened and delayed. An hour later GCN was up ok.

PS if you get a chance watch Thursday’s Giro :+1:

Mine is ok…only issues are mirroring to my TV occasionally which is not GCN’s fault! :smile:

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All working fine for me on android app + chromecast and Windows 10 + firefox

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Watched today’s Sestiere stage fine when I got back from my morning ride, and I am just listening to the Vuelta now. I hope you got it sorted we had another good stage in the Giro :+1: