GCGF - Why no love?

Never seems to be much love here or on the podcast for the Garrett County Gran Fondo. It’s tough to find someone who’s completed the Diabolical Double who doesn’t consider it one of their best days ever on the bike! A true epic ride!

Glad to see it’s looking like it’ll be on again in 2023. It’s about the only Gran Fondo style event I’d consider flying across the country to participate in. I know they know, but to the folks in that area really KNOW how good those roads are?


I’ve never done the Double (and probably won’t at age 69, but I’ve been back about 5 times for Metric, and once for the 44. It’s a hell of a day on any terms. Depending on how training goes, I might go for the hundred this year. Highly recommended! Also, btw, love the Maryland GF, and it’s opening 6 miles climb segment!

I “enjoyed” the hundred this year for the first time. Pushed hard on all the KOMs and the longest (#6) almost did me in. I was in damage-control mode to the finish. Wife enjoyed sightseeing around Oakland and antiquing. May do it again if only because it is a good spouse accompanying trip from DC area. She did not want to go to Emporia and geek out on bikes with me :slightly_smiling_face:

When is it typically held, i cant find a date on the website.

Official date is still TBD, but traditionally held the third week of June.

I did it last year. The DD is brutal. Here is my TP diary entry

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