Garrett County Gran Fondo Riders? (GCGF)

Hey there, I just registered for the 2019 Garrett County Gran Fondo and was wondering if there are any other forum members that will ride it this year.

GCGF happens in the western part of MD, and it’s probably both the hardest and most scenic ride I’ve ever done. I’m signed up for the 60 mile ride this year and am using the event as motivation to get back to training after becoming a dad for the first time this year.

Anyone else going to be there?

It looks brutal. I would think anyone who did Disaster Day would be a prime candidate to join you. 7 hour drive for me, hows that for an excuse!:crazy_face:

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I did GCGF this past year. Sounds like you’ve done it before and as you’ll know its one of the toughest rides in the area, on par with any of the epic rides they mention on the podcast. I’m going to be a dad for the second time at the end of March so its not going to happen for me this year. Good luck and congrats on the new little one.

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What a beautiful (and challenging) area for a Gran Fondo!

I did the Gran Fondo in Frederick MD many years ago and that first hill up Hamburg Rd. was brutal. I did a lot of fly fishing in Garrett County Maryland area. The hills out in Frederick have gotten nothing on western MD.

Congratulations on your little one, mine turns 2 in a week :hatching_chick:

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