Mid-Atlantic US Events for *2024*

Being from the great state of New Hampshire and having a kiddo in college in Kansas, I’m loving the Northeast US Events 2024 and Midwest US Events 2024 threads. However, I live in Virginia and there’s a large time investment to make it to any of those events, even if in conjunction with a vacation. So, here’s a thread for events in the Mid-Atlantic region.

According to Wikipedia:

The Mid-Atlantic is a region of the United States located in the overlap between the Northeastern and Southeastern states of the United States. Its exact definition differs upon source, but the region typically includes Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania are widely considered to also be part of the northeastern region of the United States, while Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia are sometimes affiliated with the south.

For this thread’s sake, let’s include:

  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Delaware
  • Maryland
  • DC
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia
  • North Carolina

My favorite site for events in Virginia is cyclingva.com. I’m not sure who maintains / updates it but it becomes quite comprehensive by the spring and includes bike tours, BMX, century & fun rides, cyclocross, gravel, mountain, and road events.

Other events already posted in the Northeast thread but could also be considered Mid-Atlantic include:


Finally, I heard about the Croatan Buck Fifty on The Gravel Ride podcast last year. It is in the Croatan National Forest in North Carolina. It’s early in the year (late March) and flat.


I’m in for Croatan (100 mile) in March.

The two Dirty Kitten events (Gralley Cat and Gravel Race) are worth riding. As is the EX2 Loudoun 1725. (both listed on cyclingva, but wanted to call them out here)

The DK events are outside Culpepper, VA on private land so it’s someplace we don’t normally get to ride. Mostly rolling hills with on steep, nasty climb mid-lap (so you do it 1-4 times depending on event distance). The race is a smaller event - usually has some of the DC/VA/MD hitters, but not the pros. The Gralley Cat is an urban messenger style event, but in farmland instead of the city (they provide a map with checkpoints, teams have to decide the best way to get around - not going to get lost, but prizes for most points etc).

1725 is based out of Middleburg (hour west of DC) in the foothills of the Blue Ridge. Elevation is of the death by a thousand cuts variety (but in a good way). Not a race, just a solid organized ride on nice gravel roads.


I’m located in Philadelphia and do mostly road racing. My tentative calendar at the moment includes the following:

  • Randall’s Island Crits (March through April) (NYC)
  • Newport News Omnium (April 12ish) (Newport News, VA)
  • Lower Providence Crit (Late April) (Malvern, PA)
  • Wilmington Grand Prix (Early May) (Wilmington, DE)
  • Easton Twilight Crit (Memorial Day Weekend) (Easton, PA)
  • Plainfield Crit (MDW) (Plainfield, NJ)
  • Summerville Crit (MDW) (Summerville, NJ)
  • Armed Forces (June 1/2) (Arlington, VA)
  • Riverton Crit (June 10ish) (Riverton, NJ)
  • Great Valley 50 Crit (June 17ish) (Malvern, PA)
  • Green Mountain Stage Race (Labor Day Weekend) (Vermont)
  • Bucks County Classic (Sept 10ish) (Doylestown, PA)

Most of these haven’t been posted yet so the dates are tentative but other than Newport News they’re all within like an hour and a half of Philly


Not events but the W&OD multi-use path (century route that includes Haynes Point), C&O Canal Towpath (southbound), and a century route that includes parts of both.

I’ve ridden the W&OD century twice, once starting from the trailhead in Arlington and another from the mid-point at Green Lizard Cyclery in Herndon. It’s a nice trail but there are a lot of street crossings, so it is hard to get into a constant pedaling rhythm.

I’m working on plans to do 80-120 miles of the C&O Canal bike packing with one of my kiddos and his Trail Life troop. I rode the portion from Harper’s Ferry to Georgetown a long time ago. If I can steal away for a day I’ll probably try the century that includes both the W&OD and C&O.


Love the C&O, I lived in Shepherdstown until sept so I could hop right on less than a mile from my house, one of the (many) reasons I didn’t want to move. There are some unsanctioned events on it, as in I don’t think permitted by the parks department but not just people on rides by themselves. It was an amazing place to do TR outside workouts.

I was hoping there was some easier to get to crit races since we moved to civilization (Frederick) but haven’t come across any so keeping my eyes open to this thread for updates.

This series has events in North and South Carolina. I plan to do most of these event and they are well run events.


The roads in this region are awesome. Real gravel (not hardpack dirt like I have in Philly), low traffic, lots of scenery. My wife and I have been there for vacation twice, and it’s always great to ride those roads!


Lost River Classic in Mathias, WV on 17 Aug.

Who’s making sure that all these various Geo threads don’t overlap? :joy:

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If you wanna get crazy you could combine the two and do W&OD out and then cross the Potomac at Point of Rocks and take the C&O back. It would probably end up being like 115 mi or so depending on where you start/finish.

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Yeah there aren’t a ton of Crits in DC anymore. The ones that are close by off the top of my head are:

  • Route 1 Rampage in College Park run by University of Maryland Cycling Team
  • Ride Sally Ride in the Sterling/Dulles VA area
  • Armed forces Classic in Arlington
  • Then there’s an afternoon training Crit in the middle of the week in Greenbelt MD

If you’re willing to drive a bit further then there’s some other options within like 3ish hours of you.

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That would be good! It’s 25 miles from Purcellville, VA to Brunswick, MD so the route might be closer to 125 mi. :+1:

I’ll check those out. I have only ever done one, local team that I think kind of broke up during covid would host some practice crits. I got the itch again 2 years ago after my daughter was born (not sure why) and there was nothing near us, so when we moved a few months back started searching again and couldn’t find anything that worked for me. Was hoping for like a tuesday night series kind of thing, but nothing reasonable for me to get too from my shop, still in WV.

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Hmm yeah the greenbelt one would be impossible to get to from WV on a weeknight.

I also just remembered there was a race at Summit Point Raceway last year. Probably a pretty short drive from Frederick.

Here’s the bike reg from last year’s event. No clue if it will happen again this year but could be worth keeping an eye out for.

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Thanks, funny my office used to be at the track and I recall seeing that (too late) last year and being annoyed that it of course as now a thing AFTER I didn’t work right there. I actually had the KOM on a loop on the roads around it for a while but lost it since I was no longer able to jump on it out my office door and onto my bike. The team that hosted the crit practice series also did a TT near the track, I think I “won” the state championship, being only one my age/cat.

Now that the bridge through Harpers Ferry is back open its a pretty easy drive, not too far to Summit point. Will check it out.

my team hosts this event. yes it will be back this year and will actually feature two days of racing. short course crit saturday full course reversed circuit race sunday.

Mid Atlantic has a great racing scene IMO. can basically race every weekend from late march to august if you want to with reasonable drives


If you mountain bike, a great overnight loop is the full MoCo Epic (C&O, Seneca Creek to Little Bennet, then back to C&O on Muddy Branch). We do it as a two night, riding from home (Reston) - W&OD into Arlington, across Chain Bridge, first night at Swain’s Lock. On the return, we’ll either beg a wife for a ride home from Great Falls or take the metro from near GWU.


Adding the Garrett County Gran Fondo to the list. It is a road event in western Maryland, June 22nd. It has 40, 60, 100 and 125 versions. It is very well organized and a climber’s dream. The 100 miler has 12,500 feet of climb and the 125 has 14,800’. I’m too heavy to be a real climber, but I am dumb enough to do the 125 again this year :rofl: GCGF RIDES – GARRETT COUNTY GRAN FONDO


For the MTB folks, there is the Mid-Atlantic Super Series. NY - NJ - PA - MD - DE. XC, XCM, Enduro.

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I highly recommend Jeremiah Bishop’s Alpine Loop Gran Fondo in Harrisonburg, VA.

Another event I’ve heard good things about is the Storming of Thunder Ridge. I haven’t ridden that one personally, but hoping to this year.