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How do I get the workout overview data field on an edge 1040? I tried to follow the guide TR has made, but the “workout comparison” filed only show current and next.

As far as I know, that field is only available from the default workout page. During a ride, go to the default workout page and swipe up to see it and it will be flashing the current interval.

Thanks for the reply! How do I find the default workout screen doing a work out?

I see this overview before I start the workout, and it that view that I would like to access doing the workout with an indicator of where I am in the workout.

I have an 840 and it’s updated to the latest firmware version.

Load a workout and it shows the default workout screen. Should look something like this during the ride:


Swipe up to see the workout overview.

A few more examples of the default workout page

I don’t think what you’re looking for exists. At least I’ve never seen it on my 1030+. I did a little google search and found someone on their forums asking if the field had gone away.

It’s not a field you can place on a page. Only available from the default workout screen on 540/840/1040 devices.

On my 840…

Find a workout


Tap Ride button at bottom to load it and you are immediately taken to the default workout page/screen


Bottom middle there is a small arrow head / chevron. Swipe up to see the workout overview and where you currently are in the workout


You can do that at anytime during a workout, and when running there are rewind and fast forward buttons to tap.

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Yeah, but he’s asking for a field on the Garmin that shows the entire workout and where he is within the workout. Kind of like what you see on the TR screen. At least I think that’s what he’s asking for because you can see it in the screenshot.

My recommendation is to try the default workout screen, with a TR exported workout it will look something like this:


except instead of 3-sec power, it will be step (interval) average power. From top to bottom:

  • Time to go is at the top
  • Target power range just below that
  • Green/yellow/red actual vs target, and for TR it will be Step/Interval power and avg
  • 2 minute real-time power graph
  • Step/Interval distance traveled (this is a secondary target field, if none provided by TR it will show distance)
  • two custom fields that I have setup as Heart Rate on left, and Lap Normalized Power on right

If you export from TrainingPeaks or Garmin Connect, and provide cadence as secondary target, you’ll see this on the default workout screen


where I customized the bottom right to be speed instead of lap NP. Even with my old eyes, out on the road I can see 25:45 remaining in the interval, target of 157-184W, 3-sec power of 181W, interval average power of 163W, 2-minute real-time power vs target, cadence of 89rpm on a target of 85-90rpm, HR of 141, and speed 18.8mph.

Swipe up and you’ll see the workout overview, current interval will be slowly blinking, and you have buttons to pause, rewind, and fast forward:


Your 1040 has more vertical screen space, and will be stretched out compared to my 840.

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Thanks for all the helpful replies. I think the feature that I am looking for is not currently available on garmin. A couple of years ago I did all my TR workouts on a wahoo and it had the nice overview below. I will need to make do with the default workout screen.

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@Simonwallindk I check in on Garmin every so often as they release updates to see what they’re doing, but every time I do a workout (on included workout screen or a custom one) I always want to go back to Wahoo. >_>

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IMHO the 2-min real time power graph is so much better than Wahoo. A single swipe up and you can see the entire workout.

Just as an aside - in the latest update (19.19?) Garmin now allows auto-pause on outdoor workouts. Finally!

Indeed, just be aware that some people are reporting substantially higher battery usage in that firmware though: battery drain 19.19 - Edge 1040 Series - Cycling - Garmin Forums

What does this do exactly?

Previously if you were doing an outdoor workout and got stopped (at a traffic light for example) the workout step would continue on Garmin - so your average power would drop during the time you were stopped and your timer would countdown. Now it will auto pause (if you have that set in your activity profile) and then restart when you set off again

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How did you get the little red/green graph and center data field to reflect 3-second power? I’m only seeing ways to customize the two bottom fields.

My 840 workout screen has lap power in that spot, which I assume is the average for the interval. And then my current power in the smaller field on the right?

3s power would be much more useful. I don’t need the graph showing me my average across the interval, I need it to show me if I’m currently on target at a quick glance.

By not using TR to sync the workout.

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Yep the zoom in and out feature changes that graph field brilliantly on the fly