Garmin Varia Radar mount with D shaped seat post

Hi, here my solution without clip.

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Garmin just released a seat rail mount option that may work for some people with odd shaped posts.



That’s five times the cost of the camera tech they’ve used in the RCT715.




Hi @Steven would the Garmin Varia 515/516 Adapter be the correct one for the 2023 S-Works SL7 without the Di2 port in the seat post?

Cheers, Stephen.

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Hi Stephen, yes, but keep in mind that it only works if the DI2 Port is free. So you ride a SRAM Bike. I build a new Mount for the SL8. I think about to adapt it for the SL7 too. Than you can choose the position on the Seatpost an it works also on Shimano bikes.

Hi Steven, thanks for getting back to me. It’s a 2023 SL7 with Dura Ace 12s and the “clean seat post”, so no Di2 junction box seat post like this one.

So, what would you recommend?

Thanks, Stephen

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Hi Stephen,
i build a version for the SL7. Shipping starts in October:

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adding this article as it could be helpful: Hate your Garmin Varia mount? Here are some better options - Escape Collective

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Ciao Steven,
I really liked this design. Can you confirm below points;

  1. There is no mechanical tightening, so will it used at the lowest point of the seatpost on the frame?
  2. There is no silicon / rubber layer so willthe plastic surface be in contact with carbon seat post?
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Hi @Oner_Tuyluoglu,
thank you for you interest!

It’s designed to sit on the lowest point of the seatpost.
But i think you can wrap your seatpost with a tape, and mount it in the position i prefer.
There is a mechanical tightening with two bolts.

There is no rubber or silicon. I recommend to use a little tape between the seatpost and the mount.

Is there any way to not charge the VAT tax for shipments to the US?

There is no VAT calculated when you buy and delivery is in the US. Or i have a bug in the system :slight_smile:

Hi @jn92, it’s been a while. I have finally developed a solution for my Wahoo. In the meantime I drive the Tarmac SL8. I was able to save half the weight with my holder and it is of course incredibly more aerodynamic than the original solution. :slight_smile:
What do you think of it?


Just live with the slight angle and have it lined up neatly against your seat post - it feels like everyone is on crazy pills :joy:


Hard pass for me…even a slight angle can have a significant impact on light visibility.

That said, I have not opted for any crazy 3D printed option….but did drop $40 on the BOA mount. :man_shrugging:

That’s fair enough, I very rarely use it as a light and when I do everyone just complains that it’s too bright.

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Looks good. Can you mount it without an angle? So that it serves its purpose as „day-light“?

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This is what I ended up doing as well… my Saddle bag didn’t have the loop, so I just poked a few holes, used some fishing lines and affixed it there. Works a treat.

There’s 2 parts to the varia… Radar and light. with the angle down, there would be an impact to both of these functions. Perhaps add some shims or something to get it to align?

I got grumbled at again on the night group ride last night becuase my varia was blinding people. I coulnt be less concerned about the reduction in brightness of the light. I am going to have to buy a seperate rear light and use the radar in radar-only mode on group rides :frowning:

I was worried about the radar functionallity but the slight angle has no noticable affect on performance. I cant tell the difference when the radar is on my bikes with proper mounts compared to the ones with cheapo “angled down” ones.

NOTE: I have the earlier RTL510 light and I believe the newer RTL515 has an extra light mode that doesnt dazzle fellow group riders?