Garmin Varia Radar mount with D shaped seat post

For the 515, there are multiple ride modes for the rear light and it is quite simple to adjust it, even mid ride. So you can have it on full laser blast when riding to a group ride and then quickly dim it down so you don’t blind riders behind you.

Have no idea about settings for the 510, though.

Full lazer blast, strobe lazers and off :slight_smile:

Disapointing that they coudn’t/wouldn’t introduce the new light modes to the RTL510 via firmware

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Steady mode?

Interestingly this is a thing. I don’t ride nights but have experienced the dazzle from a Bontrager type rear blinker… It was not fun.

Yeah… I think it’s called peloton mode.

In any case, typically and if I remember, group rides will just have it on low steady light instead of blink.

Hi @jn92, yes you can choose your desired angle.

Interestingly since this thread, I did have the garmin band fail on me in a gravel race - was dangling by the tether. No idea did it snap or just vibrate off. The tether did it’s job though.

Also on one of my saddle bags it ends up angled up - doesn’t seem to affect the radar, and I tested the view of the light and I’m happy with the visibility. I don’t night group ride, so I can’t comment on that aspect of it!

both the radar and the light would have an “optimum” angle where the I think 140degree(?) capture of the radar would perform the best. Same with the light.

I do need to tether it tho…

This is what I have. It was only at the finish line that the person collecting the tracker said, so no idea how long it is hanging off. I tether on the saddle rail.


I’ve been running mounts from this company on my Factor Ostro and a bike with a round post. I am pretty happy with the product. It’s super secure and looks great. The mount for the round post still has the tendency to move from side to side a bit, but nowhere nearly as bad as the original mounts. The shipping to the US from Australia is a bit pricey, but the mounts themselves are fairly reasonable.

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I also have the Garmin Varia mount from Concentric Cycling. Performs brilliantly. They also make a number mount that can be swapped with the Varia for races.

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Hi Steven,

Is is possible that you share the 3d file of te mount? I am particular interested in the D shape of the sl7 seatpost. Just purchased my own 3d printer and a seatpost mount seams like a nice study project.


Any Giant Propel ('23) ideas for the Varia mount?

I just use the standard mount. It’s not a precise fit but seems good enough.

I have a round mount from them as well as mounts for my partner’s Cervelo P5 and Caledonia-5. All work like charms.