After market mount for magene L508 radar

I am wondering if there a suitable replacement for the magene l508 radar.
their mount is abysmal. during rides i get false negatives because the radar is somehow skewed to the sidewalk so it doesn’t see the cars and i have to contantly put it straight.

the garmin varia mounts apparenly does work because magene mounts are offset by 90 degrees.

I am tempting to sell it and get a varia… but I have a d shaped seatpost so probably the issue is the seatpost and not the mount.
the bike is 3t exploro for reference.
I have a saddle bag but i can get rid of it and use a lezyne caddy bag like suggested here: Reverence: Lezyne Rule 31 Sack – Velominati

does anyone has this radar… it works good usually as long as the radar light points behind me… the rubber loops are useless.

Bit of a hack, and might not be great for radar use, but Wahoo offers an adapter the might achieve the 90* twist to allow use of other Garmin style mounts with your Magene radar.

Seat Post Mounts for Garmin Varia, Cycliq Fly6, Tail Lights and GoPro – Concentric Cycling

Should be what you’re after