Garmin Varia Radar mount with D shaped seat post

Hi all. I recently upgraded to a Tarmac with a D shaped seat post. I’m an avid Varia radar user, anyone found a good tidy mounting solution for the D shaped posts?


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I used sugru moulded into place between the standard mount and the post. Works perfectly and looks totally neat.


what did you end up doing? Right now, i’m using the aero insert which isn’t the best

i’m trying to find something as commented on DC Rainmaker’s article but still have to find where i hid all the other mounts.

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Just put a zip tie on there to make sure it is secure and I would be done with it.

Do it once, do it right. Works a treat:

(I have 2x of these and they are flawless. Before getting these, the mounting with those stupid rubber bands on my Pinarello D-shaped seatpost was dodgy A.F… Now, with this mount, it is rock-solid)

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Is there one for the newer Varia Model. The mounting point would have to be off center to align the varia horizontally. If mounted vertically it would look like a t*rd hanging off of your saddle…

It does work on the new Varia… that’s the model I have. You utilize a GoPro seat rail mount (although you could use a ShapeWays one too) + this Varia mount.

I don’t care if it looks like a t*rd off the saddle; it works and have zero vibration or risk of loss. (How is a Varia somehow less attractive than a saddle-bag? :wink: )

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I used a double sided adhesive tape between the mount and seatpost to keep it in place on my venge. Works like a charm.

I actually encourage you to put the Varia lower on the seatpost like Tadaka has it so it can detect cars when another rider is behind you. My second video ever(not great) I did that with the older varia (

I have used it with a Giant D-Fuse seatpost like you have it but with the round rubber insert and it has worked well for me but I am looking to do something different. Here is one on Shapeways but kinda pricey

For that price, I would probably just use some sort of foam to take up the space between the flat part of the seat post and the attachment. I will do a little more digging a post back if I find something.

You can also look at “Bup labs” they’ve got a few different solutions that might help you. I use one of their mounts made for a Fizik saddle and it works well.

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If your saddle has the SWAT mounts:


Five minutes with some sugru and you’d have a solid, neat solution… seriously, it’s easy and perfect!


Nothing yet! I haven’t been able to find an acceptable solution yet. In my opinion there is no excuse for Garmin to not have a product for this. I’m not very keen to bubba together a solution, but they might be what I do.

I like this, but I’m not willing to give up my saddlebag.

Seems someone could make a “wedge” to attach to a standard Garmin 1/4 turn mount for an “easy” solution.

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That is essentially what @BlackWaterCyclist posted a link to here. But at $46 shipped for a piece of plastic, I’m a little bitter!


I just do this. Not the cleanest but it works.


Is that the mount without an insert? I think that’s the most viable option so far.

Ah, I missed that above. Yes, insane pricing indeed.

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This was my thought, but I dislike the light and radar pointing down at 17* or so degrees (based on seat tube angle). I know it will affect he effectiveness of the light visibility, and imagine it will impact the radar function as well.

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