Trying to figure out Garmin Varia Mount for Orbea Orca Aero

I ordered a Orbea Orca Aero several months ago and it is soon due to arrive and in anticipation I am trying to figure out what Varia mount I will need.

Here are some stock photos I found of the seat post:

I am trying to figure out if any of the out of the box mounts: D-shaped or Aero will work with this or will I need a custom one?

I’ve got a Tarmac SL7 with a D shaped seat post. Using the Garmin mount with one of the wider/smaller bands - just stuff that came in the Varia RTL515 box. The Garmin mount does not ‘mate’ closely to the seat post, so if you want to get OCD then its unacceptable, however it doesn’t move and I ride on really bad roads.

I’ve got a Giant Revolt with the D shaped seat post and it fit perfectly, I assume the D shaped seatpost on my gravel bike is wider than these more aero options.

None of them quite fit my Tarmac SL7 correctly for the same reason so I use some gorilla double side tape on the closest fitting mount just to keep it from moving and then the regular wrap around band and haven’t had any issues in the last two years.

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I’ve got an Orbea Orca Aero (2019 maybe?) and have used Varia on it with no issues. It doesn’t fit perfectly but does the job. Turns out I haven’t taken that many photos with it installed but this is the best I could find


Can you please confirm if the seat post shape looks the same between 2019 and 2023 based on the pictures I posted?

Why does my 'only use stuff in the box:

work on my SL7?

Did I get the thicker band from another Garmin box? Its a short and thick band from either a 520 or 530 or RTL500 or RTL515 box.

While I can easily use my hand to move the mount, it really doesn’t move from all the rough roads I ride on.

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Nice, yeah I never had any problems with it falling off, the only thing that would bug me sometimes is it would tilt around to one side or the other until I locked it down with just a small piece of double side tape on the back.

I’ll take a closer look when I get home but, from memory, it looks the same

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so infrequently that I just deal with it. And usually it requires my leg to hit the radar to cause it to point slightly left or right, instead of directly pointed backwards. Basically only during an awkward and bumbling bad bike mounting or dismounting, or bumping into it in the garage.

I used some Sugru and shaped my own insert for my 3T Strada. Works well.

It appears mine is definitely more rounded at the rear than the one in your picture

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Thanks for checking!

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I’ll put my usual answer with regards to mounts:

In combination with

(Or the one with AirTag holder)

The mounts are of super high quality semi-flexible (and light). Nothing like most of the bulky/heavy 3D printed mounts you find on eBay/Etsy.

You can just email the guy about your needs, he replies fast.

I just use the standard flat Garmin mounts on my d-shaped posts.
Not the prettiest but they cheap and secure.

Another option which I used on a Systemsix is a saddle rail mount, but this negates your ability to run a saddlebag. Plenty to be found on eBay, mine was a Magcad creation.

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I use one of the stock mounts that came with the radar on my system six. Doubt that it is the same exact shape as the Orbea, but the stock mounts do work for these style seat posts

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I have similar seat post on my Cinelli. I’ve used the above mentioned KOM post mount, but I really like the seat mount better. BupLabs have some really nice designs that actually fit into certain seats (Fizik Specialized, Snycros, and Trek). I can still use a small seat rail mounted tool kit too (Silca Matone). Bike Mounts - Bup Labs