Garmin Varia Radar mount with D shaped seat post

I came across this solution when I got my Varia, as definitely in the saddle bag camp. The standard Garmin mount and rubber bands through the loop on the back of the saddle bag (if your saddle bag has the loop)


I do tether mine as well - lost too many rear lights over the years!


I have the varia 5xx and it came with a mount that fits fine on my d-shaped seatpost on my Revolt.

Keep your eye on it. Before I stopped using saddle bags of various brands it was a neat solution I used with lights (albeit pre Varia) and each strap including the multiple Topeak ones I had eventually failed but you’ve got lots of riding before that and the rear of my bikes seem to move slightly more under me than they probably should :joy:

please don’t laugh at my pic… :smiley: would that be a feasibly solution? Replacing the headunit mount with a combined holder/mount for light and headunit in one piece. I’d prefer to have the light as far out as possible instead of using the gopro mount with the blendr adapter. the light should also be upright instead of horizontal as it is now with the blendr-gopro adapter to retain the side-“windows” of the ion light. hope that was clear enough, english isn’t my first language, so please feel free to ask if something is unclear :slight_smile:

to clarify, light and front of headunit could/should be inline. not the light protruding the headunit. I think that wouldn’t look so good…

edit: meant to send this as PM… oops

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I’ve lost lights before, so I have the varia with this case/ tether from amazon.


Thank you for your suggestions! The combined holder is an interesting idea. However, I would then have to build individual adapters for many devices. This makes it very complex and expensive. I also want to include the ability to adjust the angle of the light. So I’m trying to find a solution from below. I think I’ll be there in 2 weeks.

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I can see the downsides of my suggestion. You’d have to factor in different stem/holder angles as well. Some outfront mounts aren’t adjustable so you’d have to have the angle right so that the light isn’t pointing up or too far down. As for the different mounts I don’t really see this as a downside. Garmin is quarter turn and Wahoo the same just 90° offset. With two options you’d probably have the bulk of the market already.

Your solution is 95% of what Trek/Bontrager offers with their GoPro blendr adapter for 7.99$. Hard to make a compelling solution that’s better and also affordable. Let’s discuss further in PMs if you’re interested.

Hello everyone! Today I started the shop to sell the products that were created on your suggestions directly. I save the etsy fees and can offer the items a little cheaper. With the promo code TRAINERROAD, shipping is free for the time being. I look forward to your feedback.


@steven I have the new canyon Aeroad cf Slx and I need the rubber piece that fits the more squares post. Should I communicate with you here or your new website to order?


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I just tried the standard mount that came included w/ my Varia on the SL7 seat post. Works perfectly fine. If there is a lot of road chatter I can see this maybe rotating 2-6 degrees maximum. For $0 and no wait time on the post, ::chef’s kiss::. If you wanted to take it that next step, dremel two notches to square off the rubber insert to the post edges.

This is about how my varia looks on my 3T Exploro post. It doesn’t hug the post but is still a flat-on-flat situation. One year of gravel and no hints of an issue.

I’ve got an awkward post on a Domane SL6 too; I opted to mount on the saddle. I’ve got a Bontrager Verse saddle which has a couple of Blendr (Bontrager-spaced screw mounts) for rear lights, and I found a 3D-printed garmin QR mount that screws into those holes. Doesn’t touch the seat tube at all.

If you can find a saddle that has screw holes (Specialized also make them), some boutique manufacturer will have you covered for an adapter – though it probably helps that the SL6 has down tube storage so I’ve no bag getting in the way. Best of luck!

EDIT: there are also saddle rail mount versions

Received the rubber price from slope road for my canyon, fits perfectly!



I just got the KOM Varia mount that uses a BOA dial….works great with a D-shaped post (and can also be used for an aero or round post).

Kinda ridiculous at $40, but worlds better than the crappy stock mount from Garmin. Seemed like ti was always either a bit too loose or I was stretching the bands to their limits.

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Got a new bike, Chapter 2 Toa, with a kamm tail D shape seat post. The stock varia Mount fits like a glove. Will have to see if it works on the maiden ride tomorrow. Ran the sugru on the Venge seat post and it didn’t budge for months.

@Mazak could you share a fresh link? This one 404s for me and I would love to take a swing at printing these parts

Hello people! Friends of mine ride on longer trips with bike bag or ass rocket. In that case they could not attach the Varia to the seatpost. I have therefore built a solution that can be attached to bags and straps with a metal clip. Maybe also a solution for you? Currently I’m working on another solution where belts can be passed through the holder.

I like the concept, but why does it need to be so big…i.e. the shape / size of the Varia? Can’t it just be a quarter-turn disc?

People could then also clip it on their jerseys (either at the bottom or on the pockets)

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It could be a little less higher, but i need space to attach the powerful clip.