DH and Enduro Bros - Garmin Power Meter Pedals

Hi All, I’m 50% TR nerd and 50% DH rat. The vast majority of my rides are “winch and plummet” style and I’d like to get some power info from them.

Question- has anyone here tried the Garmin Rally XC Pedals that also does the heavier DH stuff? I’m curious if our shoe soles are so stiff now that not having a pedal cage matters? I enjoy the bigger hits and surprise huck to flats lol. When I look at the shoe clipped into my pedals the soles don’t contact the pins. I run shimano ME7s if that matters.

Thanks, it would be nice to get some power data IRL and the pedals are nice because I could switch them to my XC and gravel bike (which I ride less frequently than my enduro rig).

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I don’t know about using them for Downhill, but I have hammered mine into plenty of rocks so far with no issues. My guess is as long as you aren’t currently breaking or bending the cages on pedals, these will be fine. Garmin is also pretty good about about support, so if you have a problem…

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That’s why I wouldn’t run them on my trail bikes :rofl:

The price on those just made me throw up in my mouth a little. I am admittedly a pedal destroyer though. What about a spider based PM with a bash guard?

My co-worked has gone through two pairs so far. He’s 100% XC.

You need a spider based system for DH. :+1:

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bummer to hear this but thank you

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Yep, they were on my radar too, but after seeing his experience, I wouldn’t trust them for actual mountain biking. His solution is to use it for gravel only training rides. Not a good solution IMO.

I’m still on Cinch stuff, I wish they still made those. Another co-worker just got a Power2Max and that seems like the best option maybe now?