Adding a second power meter - suggestions

I have Garmin Rally XC pedals I’ve been using for a couple of years. I swap them between 3 bikes. I did my first 70.3 last summer using xc pedals on a road bike with aero clip on bars. I’ve recently acquired a TT bike with plans for my first full IM next year. Planning to get a dedicated power meter for the TT bike. Trying to decide the best way, since I’ll still use the Rally pedals for the MTB and gravel bikes. Left side crankset options appear to be out as I have extremely tight clearance on my new (to me) 2019 Cervelo P2. Considering a right side 4iiii, but I only get power from the left on my Rally pedals so that would probably create even more confusion. Any suggestions? Trying not to break the bank (want new wheels for the TT, and a tri helmet, plus the extreme cost of signing up for IM!). Thanks!



I had the Uno prior to my Rally’s. Wanted a pedal that would work for offroad. Assioma Uno may be the best bet, I was pretty happy with them.

Actually thinking about getting the spd to road conversion kit for my Rally’s. Keep them in SPD mode until a month or two out from the IM and then switch them over. Keeps me using 1 pm with minimal hassle…

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