Garmin HRM not pairing with macbook

But it does pair with my iPhone. It pairs and then unpairs with my macbook. I have a video showing this happening but I don’t seem to be able to upload it to show what I mean.

You need to upload to YouTube or similar site and then link here to shown vids.


I had a problem with a Garmin HRM pairing with my Android phone but then not displaying any data; others have had the same happen with iPhones. The only way I found to fix it was to reset all network data on the phone. I’m not sure what the equivalent is on a Macbook. If you can update the firmware on the HRM that might help also (but you need a Garmin head unit more recent than my old 500, or a Garmin watch, to do that)

Unfortunately I don’t know the equivalent of wiping all network data on the Mac. The article here might do it.

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Odd, I started seeing this today too with my HRM Pro+. Neither TrainerRoad nor Zwift could see it on Bluetooth on my Mac, iPad, or iPhone, although my watch and bike computer could still see it on ANT. Taking the battery out for a few seconds fixed it, though.

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Thanks for all the tips. It limps along at the moment, connecting, disconnecting and re-connecting. I will try the battery removal and replacement. I am slightly nervous about resetting all of bluetooth just in case I lose my keyboard and mouse. I suppose I can always re-pair them. For the next few weeks I only need it to connect to my Garmin which it does with no problem.