Pairing Garmin HRM Dual to Android Phone Help

Hi, I was wondering if anyone had the same experience as me and was able to resolve it. I have a Google Pixel 4XL (latest OS) and a Garmin HRM Dual. The day I got the HRM I paired it with TR, started a workout, watched the HR rise, quit the workout, put it away for the night. The next day the HRM would not do anything. It looked like it was paired, showed up in the TR devices list, showed the battery level, but no HR. I rebooted my phone, replaced the battery in the HRM, and reinstalled the TR app with no luck. Just to make sure the HRM works, I downloaded the TR Android app on my Chromebook and the HRM paired no problem so I’ve been using my Chromebook (Acer Spin 713) for TR in tablet mode. The latest update to the TR Android app has made it a little unreliable on my Chromebook so I want to go back to my phone.
I think the mistake I made with my phone is that I paired the HRM to my phone in the bluetooth settings instead of just pairing it with the TR app. I removed the HRM from my phone but I have a hunch something is still left behind preventing me from connecting to the TR app.
Does anyone have any ideas?

I had problems with no connection on my Garmin Dual when I started TR a year ago. Ended up buying a cheap no name HRM. No problems since.

So I played around with this last night. I found a reset for wifi, mobile, and Bluetooth in the Android System settings under Reset Options. It did what it sounds like… wiped out all wifi, mobile, and Bluetooth settings. I opened up the TR app and paired the HRM again and it is working again.