Garmin Edge outdoor workout set up

New to outside workouts and Garmin Edge 530. - I’ve set it all up as per TR’s recommendation. I haven’t found anywhere what to do with the “auto lap” feature when in the outdoor workout profile. I have it switched off during the usual bike ride but not sure with the workout - I guess it should be on? Thanks for the advice.

You don’t need it, but it does not interfere with workouts, other than giving an alert at the end of each auto-lap which can be confused with the end of an interval in the rare cases the two are similar durations. In general on Garmin devices the auto-lap resets at every interval end; so if you set auto-lap to every 5km and don’t have any intervals that long, the 5km will restart after each interval and you’ll never see an auto-lap completed.


Simon, this link if helpful it you want to customise the work out fields on the 530:

normally I just leave it on the power graph. You’ll need to hit the bottom left button to start the next interval after a recovery set. This is helpful as you can recover for a few more minutes to get to the base of a climb if your doing threshold repeats.

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Auto lap doesn’t interfere but on longer intervals it nicely gives you a break down of the session.

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Thank you for all the replies!