Outdoor Workouts and Autolapping

Tried using outdoor workouts for the first time today (Dome Peak) and I’m a bit confused about the autolap function. I appreciate this might be me, but wanted to check.

Is there a clear way to understand what intervals will autolap and which will not? I ended up completely mucking up the intervals by pressing Lap on my Edge 1000 and inadvertently skipping through entire steps as I thought I had to do it with longer intervals (2mins on/90s recovery) rather than the workout autolapping for me on very short intervals?

Any help on this appreciated as I think it’s a really helpful addition - after having done CeltMan in June and my wife having our first baby in July I am now cycle commuting three days a week, saving money on diesel and cutting down on the carbon footprint… I might go back to the trainer in the depths of winter but for now the commuting time is a sunk cost so this adds extra value to the journey for me. Cheers

As a general guideline, my (limited) experience is that the TR outdoor workouts run automatically within sets but use the lap button to start the next set. i.e. the rest between sets is variable (lap button) but the rest between intervals within a set is fixed/automatic.

I’ve been doing outdoor workouts with my Garmin for a couple years, some taken from TR and hand entered as well as others. I find it extremely helpful to always review the workout first before starting a ride. And, if it is a workout I am not super familiar with, I write some info on a piece of white first aid tape and stick it on my stem e.g. a very short outline of the workout sets and the watt targets. This can be very brief and cryptic, just enough to jog your memory. While the Garmin will kind of prompt you of the next step, its very helpful to be able to see several steps ahead.

Hey @swgregg,

If the workout has reps (or intervals) within each set, then the intervals will auto-advance. If each set has only one interval, then you will manually advance the laps :+1:

This excerpt from our Help Center explains the difference in depth:

I hope this clears things up!


Thanks @Bryce and @STP for the help!

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Along the same lines - when we complete outdoor workouts, the calendar views them as non-Trainer Road miles? Is that correct? Is that possible to change?

I’m asking because when I glance at my year it looks like I have terrible compliance, when in fact I only have less than average compliance. :slightly_smiling_face:

At the moment, I think that is the case.

One question, are you getting the linked association between the planned outside workout and the imported one you performed?

I don’t believe so. The ride defaults to “afternoon ride” or whatever Strava names it. When I click on a ride that I know was a workout pushed outdoors named Brandon’s the only way I know it was a work out was the obvious 4X interval in the power file, and I remember naming the ride Brandon’s

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Maybe try this?

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At the moment, the chart differentiates between workouts completed indoors on the trainer with TrainerRoad, and workouts completed elsewhere. Now that we have the ability to complete TR workouts outside, we may need to revisit this.

I’m not sure how hard this would be to change, but we have considered making a matched workout show up as a TR workout in the TSS chart. There are some additional implications to this, such as making it harder to identify properly structured training vs. less structured training. This internal discussion has been tabled for now while we work on other projects, but I will mention this to the team to keep it in mind :+1:.


Thank you Chad and Bryce. I understand that challenge Bryce, the fact that the TR team is willing to discuss it is really great! One of my big goals for 2020 is much better compliance so being able to quickly glance at the calendar and see those deep green bars. It’s probably just as hard and w/ the same implications you elude to but would it make sense/be possible to come up with a different color for a pure indoor TR ride, outdoor TR ride, and a ride w/ no structure? So three different colors.

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Digging this post up to ask a question.

I decided to do an outdoor workout today and when looking at the TR analysis, it only shows one interval (the whole ride) instead of the 13 intervals from the workout (Monitor). I don’t have any experience using outdoor workouts so wondering if this is correct. The laps show in the Wahoo Element app, but doesn’t show any lap data in Strava either (probably because I don’t have Summit).


In the post analysis, there is no direct info on the work or recovery sets. You can manually add intervals in the TR review. There is an open Feature Request to get auto intervals for outside workouts in TR.

One trick is to use Intervals.icu (load that into a web browser, and sync your Strava). It has auto interval detection that works pretty well, for review.

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