Garmin 830 vs 1030

Hey everyone, looking to get one of these head units. Any recommendations between the two? Is the 1030 worth it? Thanks for any feedback!

I went thru a similar analysis of 530 vs 830 vs 1030 and ended up with the 530. Really happy as I view a bike computer as an expendable and I’d rather spend less than more.

I’ll be honest and say there are times it might be nice to have a touchscreen (config) or a larger screen (maps? not sure, in late 50s and no problems seeing info on 530). From reading DCRainmaker I seem to recall the 530 and 830 have faster processors.

That depends for what you want to use them… DC Rainmaker has a nice comparison table, where you can see the differences and see if those are important to you.

For me they are functionally about the same. The Edge 830 is a somewhat more recent refresh of the 800 series than the 1030 is of the 1000 series, so it has stuff like music and smartphone notifications - which I don’t use. The 1030 has a bigger screen - which is mainly handy for the maps. Which isn’t really relevant on most workouts. (it is handy when you get somewhat older, but refuse to acknowledge you need reading glasses).

I use a 810 for my workout and local rides, both on the roadbike and mountain bike (and would replace that with a 830 when it dies). I use a 1030 when I go trekking with my bike, or do daylong rides in foreign countries - the bigger screen for the maps is handy in that case.

To be honest, I’m not overly impressed with my 830 so far (bought it based on DC Rainmaker’s review). Maybe I got a lemon, but it’s extremely quirky. Examples - it usually refuses to come out of sleep mode unless I plug it directly into the desktop computer; the screen randomly changes from black on white to white on black; the screen randomly locks (can’t tap the button to end the ride, can’t change screens). If I bought again (and IF it was a Garmin), I would get the model that’s not touch screen. I don’t think they have it down pat yet. I think the only diff btw the 2 models is screen size. In that regard, I think the 830 is fine. I’ve got 53 year old eyes, meaning I can’t see jack closer than arm’s length; with the out front mount, I don’t have any trouble seeing the 830’s screen, even in bright sunlight. So that part is ok (haven’t tried anything with navigation yet, though so I can’t speak to that)

I’d call and ask for a replacement under warranty.


I went from 1000 to 830 and am happy even though the 1030 was cheaper than the 830 when I bought it. I’d say only get the 1030 if you are sure you need/want the bigger screen.

This has been the story of my life with my Garmin 510. The first one took forever to save a workout and sync. I broke it in a crash and got a refurb replacement from Garmin. It’s been a lot better but quirky should be it’s nickname.

I’ve read a lot of articles on 530 vs 830. The bottom line seems to be that the touchscreen on the 830 and one or two minor features aren’t worth the extra $100. The biggest minor feature seems to be the ability to enter an address and then route to it. On the 530 you can only route to a point of interest. I’ve never done a bike ride by routing to an address so I don’t think the 830 would be worth it for me.

I don’t think I’ll consider the 1030. To me $300 is steep for a bike computer and $500 is just getting a bit crazy. I also don’t see the need for a larger screen and heavier unit for my type of riding.

never had any real problems with my 520 or 530. One quirky recording and some minor annoyances but in my experience minor annoyances are true of all products I’ve owned and used. Really happy with my 530.

I have an 830 and have never experienced anything that you listed. You definitely received a broken unit and Garmin should replace it under warranty.

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After you update your firmware and still have issues. If you don’t keep up to date with firmware and you hit bugs that doesn’t mean you have to replace the hardware

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For just the original question, if you need the bigger screen (eyesight) get the 1030, otherwise the 830 has all the functionality and faster cpu. Personally I’d get the 830 unless there was a really good deal on the 1030 but I already have the 1030.

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Do you have a link to that comparison chart? I can’t find it. Thanks in advance!

Here’s the comparison between the 830 and 1030 but you can also compare any devices that he’s reviewed.

This is actually a feature if it’s changing when the sun comes up / goes down… If it’s random like you say then it’s a bug…just like all the other thinks you mentioned!

My 830 is pretty solid on fw5.20 apart from random sensor disconnected warnings - sensors don’t actually disconnect :man_facepalming:

The latest fw apparently fixes that but I’m wise enough to Garmin’s fw updates to know not to update fw until everyone else I the world has…

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Plenty of rumors stirring about a 1030 replacement (1040, 1030 “Plus”) in the coming weeks. Might be worth holding off a little while if you’re thinking of going that route…

I forgot this lesson and have been rewarded by losing the countdown beeps between intervals :unamused:

Whatever you get, put on a screen protector…I learned the hard way.

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Which unit are you running? I am still getting interval beeps on my 530.

830, only done one ride since the update and had beeps for everything but interval countdowns :man_shrugging:

I run the 1030 on my Road and Gravel bikes. Main reason is I often use GPS routing and its nice having the larger screen size for this feature.

For my mountain bike, I use the smaller 830.

Both work really well but I still have chronic issues with both consistently connecting to my Pixel 4 XL phone. This has always been an issue with Garmin head units for me with a variety of Android phones over the years. At times it will connect and other times it won’t and I have to go back a re-pair them.

I don’t notice a big speed difference between the two.