Garmin Edge 530 vs. 1030?

Has anyone upgraded from a 530 to a 1030? I know the 1030 screen is a little bigger, but did it really make a difference in terms of ease of viewing? My eyes are starting to fail me :frowning:

I have a 1000 but I just ordered a 1030. I am sure the larger screen would help with your eyes. I am in the same boat with ageing eyes.

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Only have the 530 and work great. Easy to see personally as I only have max 4 items on the screen. Thought about the 1030 but I am typically not a fan of the touch screen.


I went with the 830 and love it. I previously had the 820 and the touchscreen was painful. The new 830 (newer than the 1030) has all the new features and a perfect touchscreen. Super responsive and easy to read.
The 1030 in my opinion is TOO big and clutters the cockpit.

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