Garmin: Daily Suggested Workouts combined with TR?

More and more Garmin devices (Edge 1030 Plus, Forerunner 745, Forerunner 945, Fenix 6) are receiving updates for the new recommended daily workouts. Do you already have experience with it, especially in combination of TR?

  • Added support for Daily Suggested Workouts, which are recommended based on previous activities. You can disable this from activity settings. (Run/Bike > Menu > Training > Workouts > Today’s Suggestion.)

  • Added support for Improved Recovery Time, which takes your stress, sleep, relaxation, and physical activity into consideration.

If one is already following a training plan, I don’t see much value in those features. I’ll probably disable them once I receive the update in my Fenix 6 pro.

you don’t need to disable it, you can compare the suggestion with your TR workouts, it’s only a suggestion

Important to note this functionality is part of the BETA program they do on their watches, etc. I usually install them after reading the comments but do it at your own risk.

sure, but on Edge 1030 Plus and Forerunner 745 it is already a public release

for me, it could be very interesting, because i don’t train for any event, but i do Duathlon like Training and i haven’t a perfect Plan here on TR. So i can look on the Bike Workout Suggestion and search if i can find a nearly similar workout on TR and for running i will do as Garmin tells me, or so

The Resting Day suggestion could be interesting for me too, i am a 50 ager (so TR haven’t master Plans for me) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

They have traditional base

atm, i am on a Half Distance Triathlon Plan and removed swimming, not optimal, but OK, the funny thing, today i have a " Rendezvous" workout on my TR calendar, but my Training Load on Garmin looks like this:

So Garmin suggest me to do a 01:17 Base ride on arround 61% FTP or 100bpm
or a Base Run workout @125 bpm, so for today not bad, when you see my Training Load and for me the Training Load on Garmin ist the most time not so bad


I will install it at some point on my F6X and see what it does but like the TR plans and that is why I am a yearly sub.

I have a feeling that people will have similar views on the this as they do about Whoop. Yes it’s cool and it might even be a better way to carry out your training. But most people don’t have flexible enough schedules to simply change their training based on what the device tells them to do on any given day. Most people also like to know what their workouts look like a couple of days out just to help them prepare themselves.

The energy system training load breakdown has been available for a while and I can see that being good for relative beginners so that they can look at it and say “huh I never do any low aerobic training so maybe I should slow down and hit some endurance miles instead of doing gray zone miles all the time”

it works great for me the first days, after a lot of base workouts for running and cycling i got today “Threshold workouts” for running or cycling.
The good thing, with Garmin i haven’t only a power target, i can switch between power or hr targets, so i know, i have to ride my power target in a HR target too, mean, this information could be helpfull for TR workouts too.

i recreated the Garmin workout on Training Peaks and sent them to my TR calendar!

it looks like the training load, intensity and so, is nearly to my Tri Plan without swimming, i do more or less Duathlon like training