Data not syncing fully to Garmin connect

Anyone have any tricks here? workout data syncing to Garmin connect but only partially. FTP/training load not updating on Garmin. Trainerroad help advice to disconnect and reconnect TR from Garmin and Garmin from TR hasn’t solved the issue.

Was this working and then suddenly stopped working?

Are you recording HR?

I notice that I don’t get Garmin load metrics if I forget my HR strap. Also, I don’t seem to get Garmin metrics if I record on my older 510 or if I ride my gravel bike that doesn’t have a power meter. I only get the newest features if I record directly on my 530.

I had a buddy recently have an issue with this in Garmin Connect outside of TR workouts (just an unstructured ride), so even though it may not be a TR software issue, still reach out to and see what they can do.

If you mean what I think you mean then those extra Garmin metrics are actually calculated on your Garmin device not the Garmin cloud.

So after the TrainerRoad ride is loaded to Garmin connect you have to wait for it to then sync between Garmin connect and your device.