Garmin Connect Sync for step/weight data?

I recently listened to an older podcast (episode 298) when adaptive Training was released, there was mention of recording steps/weight training and heart rate data to use in ML models.

Is this data currently being used and or collected to be used in the future? And if so should i be syncing my Garmin Account as opposed to just ride activities from Strava?

i have everything synced to garmin connect and literally nothing transfers to trainerroad. have to manually update the weight and no sign of hr or step data. i don’t think gc sends anything to tr, just the other way around from what i see


Thanks @skyewalkr - I wonder if any other data is being recorded for use in the future?

I think @Nate_Pearson suggested this was a long term goal for TR, but they are a fair way from that yet.

As I understand it, in terms of bringing external data in, their priorities are:

  1. Bringing non-structured outside rides into the AT system.
  2. Bringing run and swim data into TR.
  3. Bringing non-training data (eg. steps, overnight heart rate, weight, etc) in.

I suspect that #3 will be some time coming, not least that it is pretty messy between the various players in the market (eg. Garmin, Fitbit, Apple, Samsung, Whoop - just to name the majors).

Yes, #2 will be great, simply from a TSS view. I run and swim in-between cycling so would love to see this.

I imagine for #2,#3 if it does incorporate historical data we can also synchronise and import old data from respective service when announced.