Importing past sessions when coming back to Trainerroad

I’m coming back to Trainerroad after a long break. I’ve continued to train via self-coaching and off the shelf plans, modifying as required, and had some really good success, but the last few months (since July) I am just getting nowhere. Both endurance and power seem to be eroding no matter what I do. There may be a health issue (a few more weeks before the next blood test following up 2 irregular tests recently) but assuming it is not that, I am hoping that adaptive training will help me, a lot!

My question is, since adaptive training is based on the past, is there a way to bring in my past training? I’ve connected training peaks and know it doesn’t happen through that process, but I feel like it would be much better to hit the ground running with some data. Is there an option to upload I can’t see?

I’m reluctant to start a plan right now because through January and February there will be quite a bit of travel, so I’m hoping using train now and adaptive training will help me change things up and start seeing some improvements.

All my past training came into TR when I set up my account after a long coached period but I doubt AT recognises them.

Your Progression Levels are not updated once you enable Adaptive Training based upon your past workouts. Would be great to support that in the future though!

Thanks Ivy - that’s good to know. I’ve since synced with garmin connect and those rides have come through (I don’t use my garmin inside). I’m getting adaptations with every ride so far, so that’s promising.

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