Garmin Connect outage

GC has been down for several hours - and it seems to be affecting their call centres and other systems too. Usual levels of communication about it from Garmin (that is to say, virtually none…)
This outage also affects our call centers, and we are currently unable to receive any calls, emails or online chats. We are working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible and apologize for this inconvenience.

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Ah thanks! Was wondering how “server maintenance” (which is the message coming up on the app) was taking so long.

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It has been down since at least 0400 this morning, from what I can see.

  1. About what we expected. Worst. Year. Ever.

yep my run has not uploaded…not that it was so Earth shattering that it can’t wait a few hours to be unleashed on my Strava followers! :laughing:


Guess I’ll take a day off and drink beer since I can’t get my KOM attempts on Strava without Garmin. How am I going to take trash to my buddies now?


For serious emergencies (like uploading a ride with a potential KoM) there is the option of pulling the .fit file from your Garmin via USB and uploading direct to Strava manually…


You could bypass Garmin and upload direct to Strava via usb. That’s what I plan on doing if it stays down :+1:


No verifiable sources, so could be complete speculation, but Taiwanese site is mentioning a ransomware attack:

iThome received news from readers that Garmin (Taiwan International Avionics), a well-known GPS and wearable device manufacturer in Taiwan, was suspected of being hacked. The IT department sent a notice to various departments in Taiwan stating that internal IT servers and databases were attacked and production lines were also suspended. Two days. It is speculated that Garmin may be attacked by ransomware.
(Google translation)


Everything is working status quo for me. :rofl:

This is what I have to do most the time anyways because Garmin’s Bluetooth and/or wifi sync doesn’t work for shit.


So that explains why my ftp is crap. My data got hacked. :man_shrugging:


DCRainmaker tweeted that everything Garmin is down

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Aha that will explain why my outside workout isn’t syncing, is there a way to get a TR workout onto a Garmin HU without Garmin connect working??

I’ve just been out, it was a relatively simple 4x15mins so I manually put the workout into the garmin. Didn’t work as nicely as the TR ones but did the job.

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That seems to be the story taking shape…


They really really do need their senior leadership to be making a public announcement by now. The fact that they haven’t is worrying, as it suggests that they don’t necessarily know what they’re dealing with.

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That could have the effect of suggesting that things are worse than they are. If this drag on though, they are going to have to explain what’s going on. Hopefully they can deal with this better than Travelex did.

Strava is like a ghost town now, outside of a handful of Wahoo users on my feed. :joy:

ETA: Should be interesting to see how the various services linked to Garmin Connect (TR included) handles a sudden surge of a whole crap tonne of activities all being synced at the same time when service resumes.


They’ve had upload issues before (although not as major as this) and IIRC it took up to 12 hours for data to sync.

There will be huge data backlogs, but rides/workouts will still be on your device and should auto sync eventually, or you can always manually upload.

Good news is my TR workout has sync’d with TrainingPeaks and strava. I’m just not getting the calorie benefit in MFP as that routes via Garmin.

First world problems!


PSA to garmin users - You should usb connect your garmin and do this if you do any segment stuff worth mentioning while GC remains down. Strava awards achievements based on the time of activity upload, they do NOT correct for recording time. I.e. if you KOM a segment at 1pm, a wahoo user beats it at 2pm, if the wahoo uploads first your activity will stamp your activity with a #2 when it syncs later despite it having been a KOM when you recorded the activity. The leaderboard will be “correct” but your ride feed will never show the KOM you earned had your upload synced on time.

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Good time to find USB mode on my 530 doesn’t seem to be working, possibly the first time I’ve tried to going all 2008. The old force usb mode trick from the edge 500 doesn’t seem to work. Shame ANT+ never included a file transfer as part of its the protocol or that it won’t connect over Bluetooth. If they could do that and wireless charging dropping the USB port would surely be a logical step