Garmin Connect FTP Setting Issue

Hi all - wonder if anyone else has had this issue. I have a Forerunner 935, an Edge 520 and Edge 1000. I have checked and rechecked the FTP setting for each device at 255W.

Used the Edge 520 this morning and in Garmin Connect an old higher FTP figure of 280W is being used for all the calculations. I gather from Garmin Support forum that you can’t manually recalculate like you can in TrainingPeaks, but even that would involve an extra unnecessary step.

Any ideas? Cheers!

I change all device settings by going into and clicking on each device and individually changing settings.

This gives me accurate TSS but I did notice when I go into the Garmin Connect app on my iPhone the FTP setting is always different. I just live with it as long as the rides uploaded have the accurate settings. And they always do

Hi, thanks for your reply - I followed the same steps as you earlier this week when I lowered my FTP by going into each device and changing, then rechecked they had been changed.

Unlike you however I’m getting different IF and TSS which is frustrating. For Mount Field this morning TR is giving me 62 TSS and 0.78 IF against my correct FTP of 255W whereas Garmin Connect is 51 TSS and 0.71 IF against my incorrect FTP of 280W. It’s like the wrong FTP is value in the Garmin cloud is overwriting the setting on the devices.

Funny you say this. I’ve had that happen too. After no more than a week it corrected itself after resetting a few times and one day it just worked again. Hopefully yours does.

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Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

Just to follow up, it has finally got the FTP pinned at the correct level following a TR workout this morning… patience is a virtue!

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Garmin is killing me. First it detected million W power, then I accepted on the watch (just after ride).
The app does not show this million but in the workout description it is there.
Also nowhere in stats: