Pairing Cadence Sensor - KICKR Snap


Just getting into TR and am trying to figure out the best path forward to pair my KICKR (old generation, no cadence data), a cadence sensor, and a HR sensor to an iPad Air 2. I have a Garmin cadence sensor I use on my outdoor bike (I use a separate bike to train indoors) that I can use but obviously need to convert the ANT+ signal. It seems I have a few options:

  1. Buy the Wahoo ANT+ key and 30 pin adapter
  2. Buy the CABLE ANT+ converter
  3. Buy a BLE Cadence sensor

I would really rather avoid option 1 if I can. It’s rather expensive and not ideal. Can someone confirm if the NPE CABLE works with TR or if I would be able to pair 3 BLE sensors to an iPad Air 2. Have seen conflicting answers on the latter. Open to any other options I am not aware of.

Honestly, #3 for a new sensor that covers BLE & ANT+ is the easiest and cheapest option. The CABLE can work, but takes more setup and is more expensive than a simple cadence sensor.

I was leaning that way (#3) just want to make sure I can connect 3 BLE sensors to my iPad Air 2.

That will work just fine. I don’t find an easy confirmation of limits, but there are more than the 3 total limit like the Apple TV. I’ve never heard of a problem like that from any TR user on the iPads.

Also look at a viiiva hrm for a little bit more than the cost of a cable ant+ - acts as a bridge and a quality hrm. I use it to run Zwift on ATV (limited to 2* BTE connections) while doing TR workouts via mobile.
[edit: 2 connections as the remote takes up the 3rd]