Garmin 530 - the buttons are driving me crazy!

I come from a Garmin 510 with it’s stone age but workable touch screen. I just picked up a 530 and I’m not finding the buttons intuitive at all. I often hit the lower right side button instead of the upper for a return. I’m also frequently hitting the power button instead of the scroll up button. When I hold the unit in my hand there seems no real intuitive way to hold it and select the right buttons.

I’m wishing I would have gotten the 830 now. :frowning:

Have any of you gotten passed this hurdle? WTF am I not getting it? I’m an IT guy who has played his fair share of video games on multiple platforms. I’m usually really good at this kind of stuff.

I also found a bug in the 530. It keeps picking up the speed sensor from my Tacx trainer and there seems to be no way to delete it or not use it. I deleted the trainer from the 530 but if I use a Stages power meter it still seems to be picking up the Tacx speed sensor no matter what. It also doesn’t show up in sensors as something one can delete.


Have you paired the Tacx trainer as a trainer rather than as an external sensors. Have a look into the Training menu on the Edge, might be there instead?

Lol! I went from a 510 to a 530 last year. Had the same issues. Is it intuitive? No. I did finally get used to it, though.

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I did pair it as a trainer but then I deleted the trainer. It still picks up the speed sensor to use with other power meters. It’s not a huge deal but it’s annoying that it just takes over.

Guess it’s muscle memory at this point? Top right is select/enter, and bottom right is back. Those are somewhat ingrained because I’ve played with page layouts during recovery intervals. Sometimes after a really hard interval I’ve gotten confused which is the lap button, and am thinking of using a red sharpie to make it easier when I’m interval dazed and confused.

If coming from a touch screen I probably would have gone straight to the 830 or 1030 But my first computer was a 520 and it has the same buttons.

I guess I’ll eventually get used to it. The 510 touch screen is annoying especially with swiping between screens while riding. I actually thought buttons might be better this time around. :slight_smile:

Yeah, Same situation here. I am getting there but every so often I still swipe at it. I am right handed but weirdly find the 530 easier to use left handed on the bike. If I use my right I have too many unintentional hits on the enter/cancel buttons also sort of keep unscrewing it from the mount right handed because the page buttons are low down on the right and you create a torque if you brace with your fingers on the right side away from the buttons there. Unless you really contort your wrist to grab the corner. Daft design really… I wish they had put the power button around the corner on the top and moved the paging buttons up the left side to a more central position. Then I could easily use it right handed and wouldn’t be occasionally MoNkEy FiNgErInG the power button when I have it off the bike. I like where the play and lap buttons are now.

Same here.

I think a left handed person designed the layout. It’s so counter intuitive when using your right hand as the buttons you need to use are not easy to access as they are essentially against the base of your thumb.

To be frank, it’s the worst bike computer I have ever owned.

I find it good enough but for the klutzy side button… I went back to my 510 till it died after getting a Hammerhead Karoo. Now that was the worst bike computer: flattered to deceive. The 530 has been workmanlike for me. All I want really.

I have the 510, and was thinking of upgrading soon… So stick with Touch screen for me. I agree the slide swipe can be annoying when the screen gets a big splodge of sweat on it.

I’ve had everything in the series starting from the 500, so no issues remembering where the buttons are. My gripe is that the buttons on the 530 are unresponsive and stick at times. I had it exchanged straight out of the gate for that reason and the second one is only marginally better. I splurged on the 830 when I found it on sale and have been pretty happy with it so far. The touchscreen has been great (I was worried about this) and after a bit of learning curve since the UI is a little different, I will probably be getting rid of my 530.

The buttons on my new 530 are crisp and easy to push. Maybe you should try to get Garmin to replace that unit as well.

The button layout is similar to the running watches, so I find it easy to remember and use. The only difference is the split of the enter/back functions out of the start/stop and lap buttons. Navigating the device is identical.

They told me to wash them with warm water and soap… Bike Tires Direct replaced the first one.

Garmin told you that or Bike Tires Direct told you that? It doesn’t seem like washing the buttons is going to do much unless you got them dirty and gritty.